Forbidden Desire

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We walked for a while before stopping at those huge white gates, reluctant to go in, he placed his hand into mine. “Don't worry my love I won't allow her to harm a hair on your head.”

I stepped in sighing loudly, it's too late now I had already made a commitment...
Walking through the garden something wasn't right, round tables were placed all over covered by white table cloths and red roses were in the center of each table.

“What's going on?” I whispered.
He shrugged, his hand never leaving mine as we walked through them and into the hallway. A red carpet ran in the center, lit candles placed on the sides in beautiful gold candle holders.

“Is someone getting married?”
I blurted out.

“Not only beautiful, she's sharp too Logan” William mumbled.

“What the fucks going on William?”

“Come-on bro you'll see” he whispered underneath his breath which caused Logan to squeeze my hand tighter.

“Logan, I have a bad feeling about this,” I whispered.

“Don't worry baby everything is going to be ok” he whispered back.

Leading us into what used to be my room, his mother queen Arcaina stood there in a baby pink dress with her back facing towards us. “Mother” William called out, she stayed focused on what she was doing. “Go away William, I am busy preparing for Logan's return!” She yelled.

“I'm here mother” he growled, still holding onto my hand.

“Oh my dear son! Where did you disappear too?” she said as she spun herself around. Disappointment filled her face the moment she realized I was by his side.

“What is that human doing here?”

“This human belongs to me mother.”
he growled loudly, sending an echo through the house.

“Logan...” I whispered as her goons stepped closer towards us forcing him to tighten his hold.

The chair swung around and this tall, big breasted, brunette, dressed in a white gown approached us as she folded her arms tapping her cheap looking stilettos on the marble tiles.
“Well, well, well isn't she lovely Logan, too bad I'll be feasting on her corps tonight”

His growls turned from excitement to rage, “What the fuck are you doing here?”

She grabbed onto his arm sending me into complete psycho mode, I ripped her hand off him. “Don't you dare touch MY Logan!” I shouted into her face.

Laughing out loudly she ran her sharp nails against my cheek nipping my skin. Blind rage overcame me. Excruciating pain filled every inch of my body, my vision and hearing enhanced.

Before I knew it my sharp teeth gashed into her, she was pinned to the ground and blood stained her beautiful white dress.

Her screams brought pleasure to my ears, Logan wrapped his arms around my fur carrying me out of the room.
“Rose....Rose.... Calm down” he said nervously as he cradled me in his arms while he sat on the carpet.

“Baby please relax” he whispered as he ran his fingers down my spine, my vicious snaps aimed through the crack in the door.

“Rose, look at me,” he yelled.
My now black eyes stared at him, “calm down everything is going to be ok” he whispered. My growls turned into whimpers as he lifted himself up with me still attached to him as he carried me to our room.

He gently placed my now naked frame onto the bed. “Noone but you has a claim to me Rose” he whispered into my ear I could feel my heart rate increase and temperature skyrocket.

He threw a thin white sheet over me as Charlie walked in. “Master, we have to get her into the water!” he shouted before walking into the bathroom, he filled it up and added those green leaves.

Logan excused him before carrying me into the bathroom, placing me into the very same leaves his mother had forbidden me from soaking in. My throat hurt the moment I uttered his name. He bent down dabbing a warm cloth against my forehead.
“You're going to be ok baby I promise” he whispered into my ear.

The pain in my head was constant, my eyes closed for a few minutes. Whispers came from the bedroom I couldn't make out what they were saying but Arcaina shouted "for fuck sake Logan" before slamming the door which caused my head to ache more then before.
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