Forbidden Desire

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What the hell just happened?
What is she doing here?
She held onto my arm and Rose lost it, transforming into a beautiful grey wolf before my very eyes.
This is impossible, a human can't just transform can they?

Not only that, how was she able to take on a 150 year old wolf?
What the fucks going on?

Fuck her temperature has never hit this high, I soon found myself beside the tub dabbing the cloth on her forehead trying to get it under control but she seemed to be getting worse.
My heart feels like it's about to explode...

Mother walked in not to help but to lash her poisonous tongue.
"We take on our true form at 10 right,
Mother?" I questioned. She ignored what I asked, walking away with not a care in the world.

I rushed back to her side, my touch seemed to calm her down a bit but her temperature was through the roof and Charlie was of no help.
Who do I call, who do I call...?

I could try getting mother in here but her stubbornness was greater than her sympathy, William! Right William has lived with her longer than I have. He might be able to give me answers.

Leaving her alone unprotected was not an option.
I yelled his name until he came into the bathroom.
Given his great hearing it sure as hell took him a long time to come in...

“Wow she has great tits” He said with a huge smirk on his face.

“William, this isn't the time to be messing around.”

“I'm not bro she really does have great tits, did you do that?”

“Look I'm stressed right now, I need you to get mother in here please William!” I begged.

“Bro she already packed up her shit and left with little puppet Octavia.”

“No, no she can't leave she needs to tell me what the fuck is going on,
Please don't leave her side, and if you touch one hair on her beautiful head I'll rip yours clean off got it?” he growled.

He rushed out trying to catch up with Arcaina and her minions, cutting her off in the forest. “Mother, where do you think you're going?” He asked as he stood dead still in the middle of the sand road.

“Haven't you planned a wedding?”
Arcaina carriage came to a halt, she froze thinking of ways to avoid the million questions Logan had waiting for her.
“Come-on mother dearest you going to explain to Rose and I what just happened” he insisted.

Octavias arm bled as she tried putting pressure on it,“can you not see what that girl has done to my dear Octavia?”

“Stop avoiding this mother, we both know she'll be all healed up in a few hours.”

Extending his arm to escort her out she refused. “ok if you won't come out I'll come in and finish what Rose started” His growling became more intense. She stepped out ordering the two goons to stay behind.

“What is it Logan? I've warned you not to bed any humans haven't I?”

“Yes mother you have but every other Human girl hasn't turned into a wolf now have they?”

Taking hold of her arm,“you're coming back with me whether you like it or not.” I shouted. Immediately the two of them transformed running circles around him.

“Are you willing to lose your most trusted guards?” I howled before transforming myself, “Stop!” she yelled and immediately they stopped circling me. Transforming back to their normal selves, each of them stood butt naked in the middle of the forest, Octavias eyes widened as she ogled him from head to toe. I slammed the door shut, picked up my clothes and dressing before climbing into the opposite side of her.

“Nothing will ever happen between us, get that into your head” I yelled at her while she stared at him.
“There's no need to be rude Logan, an alliance has been made between our two families” she whispered with her eyes lowered.

I was fuming, snapping a growling at her as Arcaina joined us, seating herself next to her precious Octavia.
“Mother, get this girl in check before I lose it! ”

“Now, now Logan, there's no need for all of your drama. We'll speak about this later, take me back” she ordered calmly.


I laid there completely numb, my bones felt like they were being moved back into place, his eyes teared up as he looked at me, his face filled with worry even though he said everything was going to be ok.

Somehow I knew it was going to get worse...
Octavia turned me into a bloody trusty wolf. How is it possible that I am a wolf...?
Is Logan respinsible for this...?

No matter how much I tried wrapping my head around it, it still made no sense. He did say half breeds are made and wolves are born, so how was it that I transformed into one.

William looked down at me giving me a sympathetic look, tears fell into the water, my voice completely letting me down, probably from all the biting and growling.

He bent down holding onto my hand trying to comfort whatever human part I had left.
Was I ever Human...?
My mind was confuckulated by everything that was happening to my body.
Logan had even more explaining to do....
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