Forbidden Desire

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Your Mum's A Psycho

Still buried in the tub as Arcaina and Octavia looked down at me while the leaves worked their magic on my stiff muscles and heated body.
"Why the fuck are you here get out!" I screamed, my voice scratchy and shaky.

Octavia growled loudly as she stepped out of the bathroom and into our bedroom. "Touch him and I'll break each finger" my growls hurt, I didn't know how to control it.

"Little girl, be quiet, your body and voice needs time to heal."

I rolled my eyes at her, as she continued speaking. "Look you know I don't like you but for my sons sake I will have to tolerate you"

"Logan!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, making everything hurt.

"Did I not say be quiet?" she shouted.
His eyes focused on me, "please get her away from me. I'd rather suffer than listen to her insult me! Your mums a psycho!"

"Mother at least owe me this, be nice to the woman I'm going to marry"

Her face changed from arrogance to disbelief.
"Logan you can not marry that abomination" she screamed.

His growls intensified "what do you mean by that?"
Her brow raised at me not saying another word.

"She's a wolf mother," he shouted.

My mind was still stuck on the words she used abomination.

She sighed leaving the bathroom
Mumbling some nonsense to herself
"Baby I'm sorry, please try to get along with her. I know she can be difficult but please we need to get some answers out of her" he begged.

Nodding my head I would sit there quietly and listen to her ramblings.
He called her back in promising my good behavior, of course it ticked me off but I needed to know what was going on.

"Little girl, I need you to answer a few questions," she growled.

"What are your parent's names?"

"That's a strange question your majesty"

Logan put his finger on his lips silencing me, "well I was named after my mum Rose-Ann."

"Rose-Ann" she growled before allowing me to continue.

"My mum passed on the day I was born. Unfortunately I don't really know my dad. He handed me over to the state when I turned five. Well I was told five"
I guess he didn't know how to raise a kid on his own!"

"My adopted parents are je... "

"Well you're a...." stopping in the middle of her sentence she ended up saying wolf!

"I-I'm Not a wolf I'm a human" I shouted.

"Logan tell her"
He looked at me with sorrow in his eyes, bending down he took hold of my hand, darling "I'm sorry but mum's right; you are a wolf, you transformed in front of all of us"

"No" I sobbed bitterly. "I can't be,"
Arcaina excused herself mumbling on and on while he comforted my breaking heart.

"Don't worry my love we are going to get to the bottom of this I promise you." His gentle hands lifted my frail body out of the water, draping a gown around me and he placed me in bed.

Octavia stood in the far corner licking her wounds, I laughed loudly as Logan placed me under the covers she growled fiercely transforming half way.
Logan gave her a stern look as he pulled the covers over me.
He ordered them to leave giving me time to rest

How was this happening...?
From what I heard, my birth mother was from Texas. She moved to L.A when she was eighteen, fell in love with my dad and got knocked up at nineteen.

All I had was a tiny ID photo of the two of them, my adopted parents never kept it a secret. I've always known who I was.
Well that all went to hell a few hours ago..

I'll show him my parents picture as soon as I recover from this nightmare.
His arms wrapped around me as I drifted off to sleep.


My beautiful Rose laid in my arms
her tiny body trembled beside me, seeing her in so much pain made me want to kill someone. She buried herself into my chest stroking her arm until she calmed down which somehow seemed colder than usual.

How could I not know she were a wolf
Something led me to her that night, I followed her overwhelming scent into her apartment.

That still didn't answer the question as to why she transformed at this age
She was like an angel laid out before me..

You're so stupid Logan that's the reason she could leave, she did have a choice after all...
Still the word mother used stayed tucked away at the back of my mind.

It all made sense now, it was her scent which led me to taking her that night.
Just being around her drove me insane, she wanted me as much as I wanted her...

Her lust for me was just enhanced when I ripped into her.
Just thinking about being inside her made my dick yearn.

Her body pressed beside me got my heart racing, placing my hand around her firm breast. I was turned on and needed her to satisfy my hunger.
No, no Logan she just went through something major...

Moving my hand away her eyes were still closed, she reached down, slipping her hands into my boxers gently caressing my manhood as it stood strong under those sheets.

"Baby you're always horny," she whispered, pre-cum dripped out of the tip of my dick which she used to lubricate me.
Her grip grew tighter while she moved it up and down. Moaning loudly "I want to be inside you" she opened her eyes and smiled sweetly.

"Do you think my body can handle this huge dick of yours after the trauma it went through?"

"Baby you're a wolf now I'm going to ravish you like one" he smirked.
He untied my gown strings and squeezed my breasts before taking my hard nipples into his mouth, laughing loudly.
"And you were saying I'm always horny?"

"Well you found me like this, so you gotta deal with it" I snapped at him.

His huge frame towered over me making my pussy tense up, he sucked his finger before inserting it into me rubbing his thumb against my clit until my pussy leaked for him.

"That's my good girl cum for me" he ordered, staring into my eyes as he moved his finger faster against my walls. My body tensed up around his fingers and pumped in and out of me until my juices flowed out.

He stuck his fingers into his mouth growling as he took a lick "Hmmm I love the taste of you" he moaned.
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