Forbidden Desire

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A Word


Laying against his chest something felt different his heart pounded rapidly against my eardrum
The sound was clear. Why could I hear it so clearly? Usually I'd need a stethoscope.

What she said made no sense
Abomination, what the fucks an abomination..?
someone who's deformed right..?

I looked normal even though my features drastically changed over the time I've spent with him.

Nothing made sense just looking at Octavia made me want to rip her to pieces
Could I even do that...?

“What is it?” he whispered rubbing the top of my head

“It's Nothing just your heart rate isn't normal that's all”

“That's because we just had an amazing time,” he smirked as I looked up at him.

“How can I hear your heartbeat?”
He smiled sweetly, “one of the perks of being a wolf”


My Rose is a....
Staring at the ceiling while she drifted off to sleep, her head still buried into my chest. Her fever dissolved now she was freezing cold, the shade of her lips darker than usual. Almost like her skin color changed and the redness from her cheeks seemed to fade.
Even her breathing seemed different compared to the other times she laid in my arms.

Opening her eyes for a split second I caught a glimpse of gold
That can't be, right..?
Perhaps it was just my imagination but this Rose was different.

“Go to sleep” she moaned with her eyes still shut, snuggling her freezing body into me. “Everything's going to be ok” she whispered, covering her head with the blanket.

Waiting for her to be fast asleep before I slipped out of bed I looked over at her, thank god I didn't wake that sleeping Beauty...
She hates it when I wake her...

I was more confused after what mother had said, sighing softly as the door shut behind me I needed answers. She'd probably wake up and bombard me with a million questions I had no answer to.

Walking the long hallway towards her room brought no comfort to my mind. Her hatred towards Rose seemed more intense now and I just can't figure out why.
Cracking the door open they both sat there staring at me as I walked in holding it open so that Octavia could leave but she refused to budge, instead she glared at me.

“Do you see what your creature has done to me?” she screeched.

“Oh, get over it Octavia it'll heal now can you please get out, Mother may I have a word with you?” I said sternly.

Mother gave her a small nod of approval before she got up straightening her creases out from her dress.
“And don't you dare go near Rose” I yelled as I slammed the door shut before she could utter another word.

She looked at me sternly,“Logan, that girl is not what you think she is.”

“Then tell me,” I asked calmly.

“You won't understand even if I tried explaining it to you” she mumbled.

“Please tell me” I begged but she shrugged, not wanting to budge.
And then she wonders where I get my stubbornness from...
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