Forbidden Desire

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Their Plot

Days went by and all he fed me was steak, before he allowed me out of the room.
Afraid that I might attack Octavia or end up eating one of his humans.
It's strange because a few days ago I was considered a human myself.

William would check up on me from time to time when Logan was away hunting, the thought of him hunting didn't bother me anymore I actually craved it.

My phone chimed Henna was skyping me.
“Hey bitch”she yelled as soon as I swiped.
Laughing loudly it was more of a growl, “hey Henz I miss you.”

“Yeah, yeah I'm sure you do, where's that hunk of yours?”

William jumped into the frame shouting here he is.
Her eyes widened, “oh my god Rosey you have two hunks, you're so selfish” she giggles.

“You can have this one Henz” I shouted without thinking, this mouth did it again...

Shutting my eyes she laughed “it's too late now Rosey I already have your blessings”
Williams' smile broadened as he yanked the phone from me, “aren't you a sight for sore eyes” he whispers plopping himself down on the other side of the bed.

The tone in his voice changed and he was completely smittened by her.
This is as far as it goes.. I was not going to allow my best friend to be turned into something hideous...

“OK, ok you too give it a break before you'll corrupt my phone with sex talk”

"Bye bitch” she yelled before hanging up. He was as cunning as Logan, “give me her number please” he begged.
My only response to that was “hell no” he chuckled as he walked out shaking his head.

Strolling around Elizabeth's scent caught my attention, it smelt appetising “Hi” she reluctantly whispered as she continued cleaning the hallway. I sniffed into the air as she cringed, giving me a look, “well I'm all done here” she squeaked before rushing off.

I'm sure Charlie had warned her to stay away from me. I walked past Arcaina's room and soft giggles caught my ear. “I wonder when she'll get tired of him not being around and end up sleeping with William, sending him on hunts was a great idea, mother. Now her focus will be on William, I'm sure he already charmed her by Now” she giggled like the spoiled little brat that she was.

The two of them jumped up immediately as I flung the door open staring holes into them, “uhm Rose what do you want? Weren't you supposed to be in your room?”

“Shut the fuck up Octavia, I heard the two of you plotting a sex mash-up
And you Queen, you should be ashamed”
Not giving them time to retaliate I walked out slamming the door behind me.

Bumping almost immediately into William in the hallway tears filled my eyes, “heeey, hey where are you off to in such a hurry?” he whispered. Placing a finger on my jaw he lifted my face up, his chestnut brown eyes stared at me, red lips creased up into a smile.

“What happened in there?” he whispered.

“Just the usual crap! Your mother and that Bitch Octavia are planning to hook us up so that she can have my Logan” I shouted.
He wrapped his arms around me, bits and pieces of his curly ginger hair tickled my face.

“No offense princess but you're not my type,” he chuckled. My fist hit his rock hard Abs “ouch that hurt” he said with a bit of a chuckle.

He dragged me along to my room where he insisted I call Henna. I rolled my eyes at him “William you just spoke to her a few minutes ago” I shouted.

“Yeah Yeah she's my type, those deep blue eyes, perky little breasts sticking out of her tank top. I'm sure she has perfect pink nipples to match those delicious breasts of hers” he hummed.

I didn't know if I was shocked by the fact that he explained her boobs to me or that he knew what a tank top was...
“Firstly that's gross
And second I haven't seen her breasts” I said even though I did and it was the exact way he described them.

“Ok Rose my favorite almost sister-in-law please do me this favour”
I laughed my head off before replying to him, “I'm your only almost sister-in-law William” I said as I hit the dial button.
She stood in front of the mirror, in her birthday suit “Rosey do you think I'm fat?” she said loudly.

Girls are weird...

“Nah your a sex goddess,” that fool William said before yanking the phone away from me once again, his brown eyes almost popped out. “See I told you she has perfect nipples to match those perfect breasts”

“God dammit Rose!” She shouted before hanging up.
William was in a serious daze. He stood there with his mouth open. I walked over, closing it for him and gently removing my phone from his hand before he snapped out of it and skyped her again.

Walking out slowly, not breaking his thoughts.
You'd swear he'd never seen a naked woman before...
Henna was a beauty; her milky white skin, pink lips, brown hair and big blue eyes had him mesmerized.
Or was it her perky breasts..?
I couldn't tell..

The fresh smell of blood filled the air as I walked towards the rusty old gates, Logan strolled past me not making eye contact, with a man's lifeless body in his mouth.

The smell of his blood hit my nose
I'm sure he didn't want to freak me out but if I wanted to be a proper wolf I'd have to learn someday.

Rushing behind him I watched as blood oozed out of his neck.
“You're kinda turning me on right now” I whispered as he continued walking away, not paying any attention to the comment I just made.

“Ok fine I'll just catch my own” I shouted loudly.
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