Forbidden Desire

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Taking Me Wolf Style

William finally snapped out of it and alongside Logan they laughed that adorable growly laugh watching me try to change.

“Change dammit, change...”
“Hocus Pocus...”
“Fuck sake...”I shouted as I jumped up and down like a complete bafoon.

Looking at him as he continued laughing I rolled my eyes at him “I'm so glad you amused” I shouted.

Stepping closer to me he kissed my pouting lips, “I just love how cute you are”

“Logan....” I nagged, “this stupid body doesn't want to change”
He laughed loudly, “that's my stupid body” he smiled.
“Come-on it's easy just think of something which really pisses you off.”

Closing my eyes just the thought of the two of them got my blood boiling, my bones began to shift causing excruciating pain.“No, no I can't do this Logan it hurts! ”
Those gorgeous green eyes looked straight at me, “you know what? Octavia came into our room naked last night” he whispered.

Without a second wasted I transformed into a beautiful grey wolf looking up at him.
“That's my girl, see I knew you could do it, I was just trying to get you worked up baby, she didn't come into our room.”

“OK now inorder for you to transform back you need to slow down your heart rate and relax Don't think about Octavia or sex that's just going to make it worse”

jeez tanx for mentioning sex...
Instead of decreasing my heart rate sped up. I ran around howling into the air like some kind of wild dog, the two of them transformed too. It was so amazing how alike they looked when transformed. The only difference was Logan's scent, it was more intoxicating, sending me into instant heat mode.

They ran past me, threw those huge gates and into the forest, taking off behind them. They tried outsmarting me even though my new four legs were shaky. I could sense him, we ran around for hours without any care, everything which was bothering me disappeared along with the setting sun.

Logan gave William the fuck off look as soon as it became dark, he licked my face running his head over mine I felt free.
Overcome by the sex scent he was given off I was about to be taken wolf style.

He circled a few times before pouncing behind me his paws pressed against my soft fur, before I knew it he was inside me howling as he stroked me from behind. We found ourselves butt naked laying amongst the trees, cold air circulated our bodies.

“How was your first time” he growled, kissing my lips softly,“it was ok, I prefer being on top” I winked at him.
He smacked his lips hard against mine dragging me on top of him, his dick rose the moment I licked his neck.
Inserting it into my still aching core, his soft groans filled the air as I rocked my body gently against his.

“Howl for me baby”I whispered before speeding up the phase, it didn't take much before his loud howls echoed throughout the forest. He pressed me down harder, holding me there for a few moments before his toes curled and he released himself inside me.
With all this love making you'd swear I'd be pregnant by now..

My body shook as he wrapped his arms around me,“how about we finish this inside?” I suggested.
We walked hand in hand until we came across our clothes scattered all over the garden, we dressed as fast as we could scurrying back into the house.

William stood beside Arcaina and Octavia as they crossed their arms looking at us in pure disgust.
like they've never had sex outside before...
“Hi mother, what's for dinner? I'm starving?” I said sweetly.

She rolled her eyes at me before walking into the dinning room. I held his hand tighter as we followed behind,“you sure do know how to rattle her up” he chuckled.

This would be my first dinner with them. Logan usually brought my dinner to the room but after the amazing time I had I couldn't just let them be at peace now could I?

Octavia sat across me with her face pulled up, William grinned knowing what just went on between us and Arcaina sat there not saying a word.
Charlie walked in pushing a cart carrying five trays, he placed each one in front of us before excusing himself.

Lifting their lids up it was a huge piece of, let's just call it steak...
My mouth watered as soon as the aroma hit my nose, I lifted my cover and jumped up immediately.
“What's wrong my love?” He shouted.

“L...l...Logan” I pointed at the tray, he looked down in complete horror. My eyes stayed shut hoping it was a dream.

“Mother what the fuck have you done?” he yelled.

“Giving that thing exactly what she deserves, left overs.” she shouted back.

“Charlie!” he growled loudly.

As soon as Charlie stepped into the room Logan attacked him, holding him up against the wall. Octavia laughed from across from me, he let go of Charlie's throat and marched up to her raising his hand, as it came down to strike her Arcaina intervened, stopping him inches away from her face.

Before she knew it I slapped her straight across her face cutting her lip open, “how dare you?” she growled.

“I've just lost my appetite” she screamed as she stormed out of the room, my sharp stares burned into Arcaina as she gracefully got up and excused herself.

Logan's eyes followed me as I walked around the table, taking a seat on the queen's chair. Mustering up a little smile he sat next to me not saying a word, William on the other hand clapped his hands together and shouted “she deserved that, you see Logan I told you not to worry she had it under control.”

He was right, none was going to step on this wolfs toes...
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