Forbidden Desire

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Royal Pain

The two snakes avoided me for a few days, it was peaceful until that little spy Elizabeth came across my locket containing my pictures.
Of Course she'd take it to her Queen Arcaina..

Who knew a simple picture could start an uproar...
I was in my fourth dream when she rudely pushed the door open hovering over me with her arms folded. “Wakeup the hell up!” she shouted into my face.

Lucky thing I was used to her annoying voice or else I would have mistook her for someone else and ripped her throat right out.

“What is it mother, it's two in the morning,have you come to apologize?”

“No!” She yelled.

“Go away then we're sleeping,” I moaned, covering my head burying my cold feet into him.
She stood there Huffing and Puffing insanely, I pulled the covers of highly annoyed, “what do you want Your Majesty?” I whispered.

“Could I have a word with you outside?” she said abruptly before turning around and walking out before I could protest.

“Good God Logan” I sighed as I jumped out wrapping a gown around my naked body, “sorry baby” he mumbled before turning around and closing his eyes.

I closed the door behind me and cold air rushed past us which caused Arcaina to shiver. She pulled my locket out of her pocket and swung it in my face.

“My locket, where did you find it? I've been looking everywhere for it, so you woke me up at two in the morning to give me my locket?” I asked with my arm scratched out towards her but she pulled it away.

“I want you to answer me without any bullshit, got it” she whispered.

“Yeah,” I answered, rubbing my sleepy eyes.

“Who are these people?” she screeched.

I rolled my eyes at her ridiculous question, “my parents, happy now?”

“No, how can I be happy with this?'' she shouted.
I yanked my locket from her hand and stormed back into the room and crawled in next to him.

“What did she want?” he mumbled.
Sighing loudly, “you know your mother's a royal pain Logan” I whispered.
He laughed loudly as he turned around pulling me closer to his bearchest. “Dammit baby you're frozen” he groaned.

“Weeeeell... She did wake us up, we can't just let it go to waste”he grinned
Forcing my head down towards his thighs, “why is it that when you wake up the first thing on your mind is a bj?”

He laughed loudly as I ran my tongue along his inner thighs, my sharp teeth pierced into his skin drawing blood.
The taste of him drove me over the edge.
He moaned softly, tangling his fingers into my hair as I licked up the blood.

My tongue flicked against his tip making him moan out my name.

“Aah baby don't tease me” he whispered as his pre-cum dripped out, taking him into my mouth his grip grew tighter. He forced my head forward and pulled it back five times forcing me to gag on the last attempt. “Sorry” he laughed.
“I got a bit carried away”

Ripping my gown off I jumped on top of him forcing his hands behind his head,“now no touching” I ordered.

“Yes ma'am” he grinned.

Taking his hardness into my hand I rubbed it against my pussy until I felt myself drip on top of him, penetrating myself inch by inch his face grew restless.

“Do you want to be inside me?” I teased nibbling his earlobe.

“Yes please” he growled impatiently forcing me down to take him inside me. My core immediately heated and my pusst clenched around his swollen dick his face twisted in excitement.

“Do that again and you're gonna get a spanking” Smiling down at him I tightened around him once again.
He jumped up, tossed me over his knees and slapped my ass hard, with each breathtaking slap my pussy longed for him.

“Now you're going to behave” he ordered as he placed me on my back. The heat from my ass was painful yet I wrapped my long legs tightly around his waist allowing him to penetrate deep inside me with such force that I gasped loudly as my body lifted off the sheets.

He growled as he pressed his palm onto my stomach forcing me back down.
“I want you just like that,” I whispered. He pulled himself out and shoved his cock back inside me more aggressively this time.

I had to get rid of my frustration towards his mother somehow…

My legs shook against him as he thrusted in and out of my aching pussy. He gently removed my legs placing them over his shoulders, his huge dick pushed deeper inside me sending my moans into high pitched tones.

“Just like this?” he grunted as he slammed harder, deeper and faster inside me. “Yes,yes just like that, don't stop” I yelled as my hands firmly gripped onto the sheets. His thrusts turned more aggressive, making sure I came multiple times.

Our growls were insink, his body pressed firmly against mine, on the brink of no return he howled loudly as he shot his hot cum inside me.
I'm sure she enjoyed the show...
Our bodies fell beside one another out of breath, he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“See I'm working so hard for what already belongs to me” he growled, soft giggles left my lips as I pressed them against his.

“Your mother had my necklace” I blurted.

“Baby the two of you really need to get along”

“As soon as that wolf bimbo of yours leaves I'll work on it” I whispered.
He growled, pulling me into his big strong arms nipping my neck.

“That bimbo seriously needs to go” he chuckled against my neck.

“Tomorrow I'll throw her out of your life.”

“Aha” he whispered, wrapping his legs around me,“for now let's just enjoy this moment.”
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