Forbidden Desire

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Calm Before The Storm

Unprepared for the shit storm that was about to happen. I stretched my arm out touching his gorgeous face, those dreamy green eyes stared straight into my soul.
Man was I lucky being beside the man of my dreams...

“Morning beautiful” he whispered, giving me a little kiss before hopping into he shower and of course I joined him. Morning time was the best time I spent with him.

We walked towards the dining room with our hands entwined, the two of them sat there waiting patiently for us to be seated.
Charlie served breakfast. It was strange not one comment was thrown at me the entire time.

“This is nice” I whispered while taking a sip of my coffee.
“Yeah we drink coffee, we aren't always in the stone ages” he winked.

I could tell she had something on her mind by the way she looked at me. The peace didn't last long.

She wasn't my mother-in-law yet and already stirring up trouble.

“Soooo little abomination” she growled, "don't you have something to show your beloved?”

“I'm pretty sure he saw every inch of me already” I mumble.

“Speak up” she yelled in an annoyed tone.

“I said he saw every inch of me already” I yelled back.

“This girl of your's Logan, I tell you she's going to give me a early heart attack”

Unable to contain the laughter of what was about to come exploding out of my mouth.

“You're like a million years old” I shouted while laughter escaped my lips. Logan raised his eyebrow at me. “Don't look at me like that babe you found me like this” I snapped at him.

Now if this were a typical human male he would have probably left me by now...

“Girly control that tongue before I yank it out of that pretty mouth”

For his sake I was going to be quiet this time, lowering my gaze I went back to drinking my coffee.
“Where is that locket you hold so dearly?”

“It's in my room, why?”

“I'd like you to please fetch it and show the love of your life what it contains.” Her heart picked up even though she asked politely. I found it strange, but nevertheless got up to get it.

My heart told me not to get it, she was up to something but I had nothing to hide from him, So I handed it to him not thinking anything of it.
Watching him open it up his eyes widened, jaw dropped and he flung it across the table, he looked at me as tears filled those beautiful eyes of his.

“Baby what's wrong?” I whispered.

He refused to talk. He just sat there staring at me as the tears fell onto the tablecloth. This is the first time I saw actual tears fall from his eyes.
What the hell have I done...?

I looked sternly at her while she smirked at me, getting up she called her puppet to join her leaving me with the mess she created.

“Logan what have I done?
Please answer me” I asked as I took his hand into mine, he pulled away, undressed, changed into his wolf form and ran out without an explanation.

“Logan!” I shouted at the top of my lungs but he ignored me.

I sat there holding onto my head
What the fuck just happened...?

After a few minutes I walked into the kitchen Charlie stood there holding his butcher knife,“Charlie” I whispered.

“Hmm” he whispered back.

“What's going on here?”
He shrugged his shoulders, turned around and continued doing whatever it was he was doing with that knife.

She was going to pay for this....
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