Forbidden Desire

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He was missing all day and so was William. I searched the forest until the outskirts but there was no sign of them. Something was up and they were keeping me in the dark.

What was it about my locket that set him off like that..?
He promised to be honest about everything but I guess whatever it was pissed him off badly.
Still that was no excuse to leave me here all day...

Arcaina sat in the garden holding her head in her hands, for all the time I've been here I'd never seen her like this.

“Are you ok your majesty?” I whispered.

“Go away Rose you brought enough grief into my life already” she sighed.

Taking a seat next to her. “Look I know you don't like me much or not at all but I really love Logan and I'm willing to do anything for him! Please believe me” I whispered. Tears streamed down her face, taking her hand into mine. It seemed like I really hurt her unintentionally...

“I'm sorry for being rude to you, it's just I don't want anyone or anything to separate us” I whispered.

She looked at me strangely,“I know you love him Rose you wouldn't have stayed after everything I've done to you. I'm sorry too” she mumbled.

My heart was about to explode as she wrapped her arms around me pulling me into a warm embrace.
“I really messed things up Rose and it's not your fault he abandoned you, it's mine” Her tears fell upon my shoulders.

“What have you done?” I asked as politely as possible.
“I promise I won't freak out just tell me”

“You are sweet Rose even though you have a foul mouth, I've hurt my son all these years, I've just made his life worse and there's no way I can make it better, he needs to tell you himself” she whispered before placing a soft kiss upon my cheek she excused herself walking back in.

What a strange lady she's tried killing me all this time and now she suddenly loves me or kinda like me I can't really make heads or tails of what's going on...

Night time fell and still there was no sign of him. I tried keeping myself busy by doing my nails and hair but that didn't take much time now that they were perfect all the time.

After ten tries Henna finally answered
“Hey Henz I need a hug, some vodka and a good session” I moaned to her

“What's wrong baby girl?
Did that hunk of yours do something?”

“Noooo” I yelled into the screen as tears fell from my face.

Her face turned red immediately “Give me the address I'm coming to beat the shit out of him” she yelled.

I laughed loudly, “Henz if only you knew everything”

“So tell me Rosey what's going on? You go missing for months, show up with a hotty who took you like a wild animal and now you're crying, Isn't he what you want?” she asked calmly.

“Henz I've never loved anyone as much as I love him but his mother got in the way now everything is fucked.”

“The B.....”

“No No” I interrupted her, “she's cool now that shit has hit the fan, Henna I don't even know what I've done, he looked at my parents picture freaked out and lef. The beauty part is I didn't even know them.”

“Honey, honey relax your over thinking things it could be nothing.
Remember how you used to freak-out when Miss Jenson gave us group assignments in college? You were hilarious back then, standing outside our dorm rooms making sure we completed our parts so that you wouldn't get low marks”

I laughed loudly, she was right I'd always freak for no reason...

“Thank you Henna,”I whispered. “I love you girl, I'll call you tomorrow” blowing a kiss at her she caught it and put it in her t-shirt pocket, tapping it gently.

“I'm saving it for later she giggled love ya too my Biatch bye.”

I laid in bed waiting for him to return and explain what the hell happened. Hours went by and finally at 1:00am my eyes closed, just then the door slammed shut. Instead of embracing me he sat at the edge of the bed holding his face in his hands.


“Hmmm” he whispered.

“Everything ok?” I whispered back.

“Yeah, babe go back to sleep please we'll talk in the morning, I'm going hunting” he said before getting up, he walked around the bed kissed my forehead and was out the door before I could utter another word. I went to sleep so disappointed that he abandoned me yet again.
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