Forbidden Desire

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Reveling Our Secret

Ever since I've got here there's been secrets and lies, this was going to end today..

After getting dressed I walked around looking for answers. My locket was kept on the dining room table the exact place he had thrown it.
My mother was a stunning woman. Her golden locks, pink Rosy cheeks resemble mine, the only difference was our eye color.
Everything about her was beautiful, if only they were alive I'd have the answer to all these questions...

Walking towards the garden Logan, Arcaina and William whispered amongst one another, I wonder what ever happened to his twin…

probably another secret they were keeping...
I made my way over to the three of them and suddenly they stopped whispering.

“What's going on?” I chuckled, making it more awkward than it already was. Logan greeted me with a huge smile. William was a silly little man child “Hi beautiful” he shouted. Arcaina's attitude towards me had changed; she hugged me tightly, almost cutting off my circulation.

“You guys are being weird” I laughed loudly as she let go, “ready to tell me what's happening or what happened that upset everyone yesterday?” I shouted.

They looked at me with amusement “what? you guys know I'm forward” I giggled.

“Yes my love that we know” he laughed loudly making a joke out of it.

“Logan please I deserve to know what I've done so that I can fix it.” He took me by the hand and led me to the wooden bench. “Rose I need you to stay calm ok, promise me you'll stay calm?” he whispered.

“Telling me to stay calm is already freaking me out Logan” I said while my eyes stayed focused on him.

He pressed his soft sweet lips against mine. “You're frozen” he whispered against my lips before he cupped both my hands into his.
“It's not you that got me upset yesterday, you've done nothing wrong”

“Then what is it about my locket which got everyone running around like crazy headless chickens and where did you guys go?”

He sighed loudly, “before I tell you I need you to know that you are and always will be my one true love.”

“Logan you freaking me out, what is it? ”I yelled, making the two of them turn around and glare at me.

“Ok, ok I'm calm, get on with it before you give me heart failure.”

“The two people in the frame, well your parents” he sighed once again. “Uhm yeah that's my mum's sister and her vamp well uhm... vampire husband they both went missing a long long time ago when our clan decided to have them killed for being together” he blurted out.

I jumped up immediately “No! no! no! this can't be happening” I phased up and down in front of him trying to process everything while he just stared at me.

“How is this even possible, first wolves now vampires, What's next? Will I turn into a witch?”

“Didn't you say there's no such thing as vampire's? Pointing from my head to my toes, do you see this?
And to top it off we're related?”

“We can't be related, Logan...” I sat back down taking hold of his hand “baby please tell me you're joking, You're joking right?”

“No, that's the reason mum called you an abomination, because her sister ran off with Lord William before she could convince her otherwise.”

“That came out wrong! Babe you're not an abomination you're a hybrid, well I couldn't believe it myself that's why I went back to the clan to dig up information.
No one's allowed to speak of them but I promise...”

I was freaking out, my blood boiled and bones started aching.
He held onto my shoulders “baby relax, please relax everything's going to be ok” he shouted.

Everything went crazy. My vision improved and I could hear the conversation Arcaina and William were having.
“I'm sure he told her by now mum, you wanna go over there and make sure she's ok?”

Before they could take a step closer my legs carried me into the forest, this time no transformation occurred. I sprinted as he chased after me until we reached the outskirts.

He transformed back, stretching his hand towards me.
I snapped at him to keep his distance.
“My love please you can't cross over in this state, you're going to hurt somebody” he begged.

“Logan, how can I be with you? I'm something that was never wanted!”

The loud honking hurt my now sensitive ears. I looked at him before rushing over onto the bridge, Logan chased after me almost causing a major accident.
I ran until I reached my building with him right behind me. My new found speed made it harder to balance yet he stayed right beside me making sure a car wouldn't hit me.
I wanst sure if a car could hit me...

Maybr the attention we caused could have gotten us killed..

He pushed me into the alleyway backing me into the wall, immediately feeling intimidated, I transformed.

Now this stupid body decides to work...

Standing naked in front of me he reached out and grabbed me around my waist. “Rose Please I'm begging you calm down” trying to shake myself loose I bit his arm without thinking and yet he didn't let go.

He held on tightly making sure I couldn't move. He hushed me until I calmed down and transformed back into my human hybrid self. He pressed me firmly against his chest, his heart thumped loudly as he carried me through the back entrance kicking my door open with his bare feet.

“You do know you're going to fix that tomorrow right?”

He looked down at me, “you sure are a smart ass Rose, sure I'll fix it tomorrow, do you want me to do your plumbing while I'm at it?”

“My throat and head hurts Logan, don't make me laugh” I whispered to him.

“Don't you ever do that again Rose!
I wouldn't be able to live my life without you” he said sternly.

Holding onto my cheeks he squeezed them together giving my pouty fish lips a kiss.
“Yes boss”I mumbled as he got up to get a blanket from the closet, he draped it around me and took a seat next to me.

“So am I always going to be cold?”

“I'm sure you won't freeze like those blood suckers, remember you are half wolf after all.”

My once cold body heated up as he pressed his nakedness against me, “cell phone” he said sternly holding his hand out.

“Uhm well I left it on the bench you wanna go get it?” I asked sarcastically.

His eyes focused on me as he leaned forward he pressed his nose against mine
“Do you know I fell for that big mouth of yours? ”

“Yeah, Yeah” I giggled, wrapping my cold arms around him.
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