Forbidden Desire

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William and Henna

Before I knew it the two of them stood at my broken door, Arcaina had her head in her hands and William, sweet annoying William, looked around my apartment.

“Are you guys lost?” I chuckled
She stormed over and hugged me tightly
“What the hell were you thinking Rose?” she screamed. Not giving me a chance to answer more questions was asked.

“Don't you ever think before you do anything silly girl? What would happen if I lost my only hybrid niece?”

My eyes flew to Logan. She said “niece” I whispered and laughed.

“Mum, Mum relax, Rose is fine” he shouted

“Quiet you!” she yelled.
“Let me look at you,” she rubbed her hands across my flustered face making sure nothing got damaged.

“Reeeelax mum she's not broken” Williams deep voice shouted from the corner of the room, he was so chilled unlike Logan.

“So now that we're all related, tell me what's going to happen?
Are we going to inform the council about this?” he asked, his stupid laugher filled the room while he inspected a few ornaments laying around.

Logan's eyes turned black,“Shut up William, why do you always have to be a little dick.”

“Oh we both know who's the little dick here” he replied harshly.

Mind you there was nothing little about Logan...

“Both of you shut the hell up!” she yelled.

“Guys please I have neighbours” I whispered.

Henna strolled past us with her headsets plugged into her ears. She walked straight into my room not giving a shit about what was going on.
After a few seconds she snapped out of her Nicki Minaj obsession and ran out with my chrome baseball bat swinging it like a lunatic. Well of course William caught it duh he was built like the freakin hulk....

“What the fuck?” she screamed and shouted bouncing up and down with her eyes closed. Even though it was hilarious to watch my best friend act like a complete insane person I had to stop her before she hurt herself.

“Henz calm the fuck down” I shouted. Immediately she opened her eyes looking straight into Williams,“Hi” he whispered with a huge grin on his stupid handsome face.

Completely mortified he turned around and rushed back into the room slamming the door behind her and shouted "what the fuck?" continuously into the continental pillow of course we all heard it.

“Uhm, William, could you please grab my gown? It's in the closet behind you.” I whispered.
He mumbled as he pulled it out and tossed it towards me, “could you turn around please” I asked.

He was like a little child stomping his feet, “you go on like I haven't seen you naked before” he grumbled.
Logan growled at him, making him stop complaining Arcaina looked at us like we were all insane. “Who's that girl?” she asked sternly.

Before I could answer, William responded “my next victim!”
Rolling my eyes at him “try it Logz and you're dead I mean it will,” I whispered.

“Oh we are giving each other nicknames now?” he smirked.

“Your majesty Henna is my bestie!”

“Bestie” she mimicked.

“Rose mum's old school please use English words” he giggled.

“She's my best friend and if you hurt one hair on her head I'll murder you” I said as my eyes dug a hole into him.

I cracked the door open “Henna Benana aren't you happy to see me?”

“Go away Rosey you nearly gave me a heart attack” she shouted into the pillow. I hopped onto the bed and I bounced up and down “Come-on you know you loooooooove me” I said.
She tossed the pillow at me before pulling me beside her.

“Soooooo you brought me a snack” she giggled.

“Ssh” I whispered even though whispering wouldn't stop them from eavesdropping, I yanked her into my arms “I miss you Henna” I whispered as tears fell onto her shoulder. “Rosey stop that crying, it doesn't suit your beautiful face!”

My tears soon turned into laughter.
“I have so much to tell you Henna” I whispered into her shoulder.

“Ok ok we'll speak later first you have to intro me to that hot piece of ass behind those doors.

“uhm Henna by the way what are you doing here?”

“Needed a place to crash since my roommates turned the place into a jungle” she chuckled, grabbing onto my hand rushing me out of the room.

She stood in front of him trying to pull her tiny skirt down forcing it to be longer.
“No matter how much you pull it's not gonna turn into an old ladies skirt Henz” I whispered. Our laughter flew around the room for a while.

“Is something on my face?” he asked, pretending like he didn't hear a thing.

“Henna, William, William Henna” I introduced them as fast as I could. Spinning her around to face my almost mother-in-law

If that's still happening... I thought to myself.
“This is queen Arcaina”
Oh shit she's going to freak out...
I held onto my face waiting for it to happen.

Amazingly she was calm, “nice to meet you” she whispered as she took a bow.

“Get up” I whispered through clenched teeth.

“Wow she's young, how old was she when she had them,12?”

Her attention turned to Logan who was still naked under the blanket. “And you!” Her eyes widened giving him a stern look.
“How dare you make my friend cry?”
He wasn't even shocked from what she had said, he smiled at her.

“Aaaand did she mention how she made me cry?” he shouted back

Arcaina grew impatient, tapping her heels on the ground. “The two of you have sharp little tongues I see” she shouted.

“Mother...”he growled. “Henna is entitled to be angry at me, I made the love of my life unhappy! ”

“Love of your life” I repeated.

“Yeah you are Rose as I said before I can't live without you”

Henna melted for his sweet words.

“Awww Rosey his so sweet” she whispered.

“Don't give him a big head Henna” I whispered. She laughed loudly looking in Williams direction while he stared at her.

“Do you have one?” she bluntly asked.

“Oh noooo I'm a free agent no one loves me” he pouted looking all sad about it.

“Why are you guys here?”

“Well Rose decided to be Brave Heart and diced between cars trying to get away from my crazy brother”

“Good God William” Arcaina screamed. Logan chipped in, “please don't pay attention to him he got dropped a few times when he was little.”

She laughed loudly, “I like them Rosey, can I keep this one?” she said as she pointed towards William.

“Oh no, no, no, William can not, I repeat can not stay here he has to uhm go on his business trip! Is that not right William?” I said as my eyes snapped at him.

He growled that sexy laugh at her, “maybe some other time, unfortunately business calls” he said sweetly.
I ran into my room and quickly threw on some leftovers in my cupboard. I yanked one of Jason's tracksuits and handed it to Logan.

She gave me a cunning smile thinking we were doing it when his family walked in on us. We each said our goodbyes, before I knew it William had his tongue down her throat. Logan had to drag him away before it turned into a mutation party.

On our way back I turned towards Logan. “Why is it that Jason didn't mutate the way your toy skanks did?”

He laughed loudly, pressing my cheeks together, “you're so cute when you're jealous.”
“Well you a girl and I'm a boy soooo, yeah you a girl and I'm a boy he repeated.”
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