Forbidden Desire

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Sexy Beast

Home sweet home..

I texted Henna as soon as we arrived,
My attention needed to be on the man who just called me the love of his life. He stared at me in anticipation but I couldn't find words to say.
The shock of finding out we're related was greater than finding out that I was an abomination.

The thought still ran through my mind. How were we going to make this work...?
How were our babies going to come out...?
Wolf or vampire...

He wrapped his warm arms around me kissing my neck,“baby I really meant what I said back there. You really are the love of my life, I know that's what you are thinking about, on the upside mum loves you now!” he shouted excitedly.

“You're funny!” I snapped
At him, I spun myself around those beautiful green eyes that looked straight into mine.

“It.. it's just I love you too” I wrapped my arms around him. “How are we going to explain to our kids that we're cousins?”
He gasped loudly,“kids, Wait, is there something you need to tell me?” he shouted.

Planting my face into his neck I sniffed his musk scent. “Just the scent of you makes me horny! ” I whispered.

He chuckled “You make me horny too..”
“Ok stop avoiding the question, is there something you need to tell me?”

“Nooooo” I laughed loudly. “Don't be silly I'm just asking one day in the far far very far future what would we tell them? If we ever decide to have any”

“We'd tell them that they are what they are and we love each other unconditionally. That's all that matters right?”

“Right,” I agreed.

All I wanted to do was get into a kamasutra position with him but I couldn't, I needed time to adjust to being related to him. Physically all I wanted to do was wrap my legs around his face but my brain was screaming at me not to do it until I was ready to accept what was going on.

He groaned into my ear making it nearly impossible to reject, but I did it anyway.
“You're sleeping on the couch” I shouted.

“No,” he shouted back.

“Yes you are Logan” I said sternly.

“No, why?”

“Just do it please...”
He sighed loudly, “I can't believe you're doing this to me” he said before grabbing a pillow and storming to the god awful maroon couch placed against the wall.
why was it in here I didn't question...

As soon as my eyes closed the bed sunk and he rubbed his feet against mine.
“I know you're not sleeping Rose”
Not responding to him he let out a loud sigh, “I respect your decision though”

Turning around I wrapped my cold arms around him, “I'm just glad you didn't decide to run off into the night”
He laughed softly, placing a soft kiss on my forehead as I snuggled closer to him.

“I won't touch you unless you want me too” Looking up at him as he rubbed his chiseled jaw.

“Good” was my only reply as I clenched
my teeth together trying to fight off the urge of jumping him.

“Are you ok? ” he whispered.

“No....” I rumbled.

“Why not?”

“You know it's hard sleeping next to a sexy best without wanting any?” I sighed.

“No I didn't know that” he laughed, dragging me closer to his heartbeat.

So I wrote this chapter with a lady literally sitting halfway on top of me in the taxi..

Tanx for reading...

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