Forbidden Desire

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Cold Shoulder

Waking up with him still beside me was a dream come true, his muscular chiseled chest moved up and down.
Watching his ridiculously handsome features got my hormones jumping.

“Calm down baby” he whispered with his eyes still closed and a sexy smile on his face.

“Damn you're sexy in the morning” I whispered.
He laughed softly, “Jee Tanx” he whispered, rubbing those beautiful green eyes of his.

I crossed my legs together as I tried holding it together while he laid there smiling to himself. My phone vibrated on the nightstand as I looked down Jason's name popped up on the caller ID. “Aren't you going to get that? ” he grumbled.

“No it's not important”

“You sure? It keeps Ringing”

“Yeah” I sighed, wrapping my arms around him.

Instead of caressing me like I expected he got up, used the bathroom and left without saying a word.
What the fuck, He just gave me the cold Shoulder...

Smacking my hands on my face
Did he see the pop-up...?
Getting out of bed my body hurt from speeding down the bridge like a lunatic.
Looking into the mirror my face was pale. I looked like I'd seen a ghost.

Closing my eyes hoping I were seeing things, long fingernails dug into my forearm sending blood streaming onto the new Egyptian carpet I purchased in L.A, what the...?

I turned around and her black eyes stared at me, she slapped me straight across my face leaving her finger prints on my pale skin which disappeared within seconds. My blood boiled and I was losing my cool.

“Because of you I have to lose the only man I loved!” she screamed.
My hand raised to return the favour but I stopped in mid air, I felt somewhat sorry for her.
“Look Octavia I didn't mean to be here, it just happened” I said calmly.

“Aha I'm sure” she sighed, taking a seat on our bed.

Tears fell down her beautiful face. I couldn't understand why Logan chose me over her, her features were astonishing.

"Have you guys ever…?"

No she blurted as shock filled her face
“The Queen was right, you do suit him better” she chuckled, “guess I was too reserved for him! ”

“Huh?? You tried murdering me a few moments ago, you call that being reserved?”

“You won't understand Rose growing up in the palace, I couldn't just go around having sex with every wolf I laid my eyes on. Well Logan was the only man I had eyes for of course he rejected my family's offer of joining Kingdoms. I just thought if he'd seen me just once after all these years he'd realise how much I love him. Well loved him” she sighed.

My heart ached for her even though I wanted to rip her head off for even mentioning she loved my Logan, I knew what it felt like loving someone and them not loving you back.

She stood up, straightened her dress “well Rose I'm sorry for drawing blood, but I guess we're even now” she said with a slight smirk.

I guess she wasn't as bad as I thought...

“I'll be leaving in a few minutes, hopefully I'll see you at the festival,” she whispered before hugging me, which was weird. I didn't know if I should have hugged her back so I just awkwardly allowed my hands to swing on either side waiting for it to end.

“Goodbye Rose” she whispered.

“Goodbye Octavia” I whispered back thankful that the moment was over.
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