Forbidden Desire

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My phone kept ringing first Jason then Henna then an unknown number I let it ring until it started annoying me.
Answering the unknown annoying number who refused to stop calling.
“What do you want?”I shouted loudly.

“So you're still upset, fine I'll try again later!” he whispered.

“No Logan wait...” I shouted but he hung up, I jumped up and down like a child and
Soft laughter came from the hallway. “Logan please let me out, I won't leave” I shouted.

“Yeah right I believe you Rose” he whispered as he continued sitting against the door.

I plopped myself down letting out a loud sigh,“why are you being an ass?”
He found this very amusing and his growling laughter filled the hallway.
“Well you found me like this so you have to deal with it!”

“So now you are using my own words against me?”

“Yes! And eat before you become weak, don't even try not eating he threatened”

“Don't even try not eating” I mimicked annoyingly.

I walked over to the tray which Charlie placed on the bed, taking a seat next to it, of course it was the usual steak.

“Where did you get a cell from?”

“No questions, eat!” he said sternly.

Taking a bite I asked the same question with my mouth still full but no response came from him.
“Logan, stop being a jackass and answer me!”
He laughed softly, enjoying torturing me.

“I have a surprise for you!
It will be here in an hour so clean up that mess and get ready!” he shouted.

“I don't want anything just let me out!”

“Not happening my darling...” he said,
He was being unreasonable, the conversation ended with me crying my eyes out of course.

My sadness disappeared the moment the door opened “Rosey!” she shouted.

“Henz what are you doing here?”

“Is that how you welcome me?”

Giggling softly I rushed towards her giving her the biggest hug.
“Your handsome hunk, well I can't call him that anymore! I mean Logan, my soon to be brother-in-law, came to get me for your big day!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I yelled as she placed hand on her forehead, feeling if she was running a temperature.

“Wait, how did you get here? ”
“Don't really know, I guess night shift has me exhausted!”

“Come-on Rosey, how could I miss my best friend's wedding!?”

“Wedding....uh there is no wedding Henna!”

She looked at me funny, “wait, wait, wait what's going on? How can't you know about your own Wedding?”

“Because that fucker....” my hands automatically curled into fists

He stood there staring at me, losing my cool, “Logan what's going on?”

“Why is Henna here?”

He stepped closer to me, getting onto one knee, “no this isn't happening!” Henna shouted.

Taking hold of my hand his dreamy green eyes stared into my soul.

“ Rose the love of my life
The only woman I ever loved and will always ever love. I've waited for you for many, many years. And when I say many I mean many”
Soft laughter left my lips.

“The moment you looked at me from behind those bars I knew you were the one. I've loved you from that very moment you told me to fuck off...”

Little laughter escaped my lips once again
“You've taught me undeniable love.
You are my whole world, my big mouthed pornstar whom I can not live without...”

“Did you just propose calling me a pornstar?”

“Yeah, that's because you are my porn star,” he laughed loudly.

“You're such an idiot Logan and yes I will marry your crazy ass” I said.

He slipped a huge diamond ring onto my finger before spinning me around.

“This is the reason I love you Rose, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me” he shouted.

Henna sat there balling her eyes out like someone had just died. Logan picked her up squeezing the two of us together.

She smells delicious, no, no Rose you can't think that way...
Shaking the thought out of my head while she still balled her eyes out as I looked at her.

“I..I'm so glad I'm a part of this messed up proposal you guys!” she said as tears kept streaming down her face, “what was the part about being in a cage?” she sniffled.

“Uhm well that yeah Logan likes it kinky!” I said as a little laugh escaped my lips.

She laughed loudly
I couldn't bring myself to tell her right now...

What was I actually going to say?
She obviously wouldn't believe me without showing her.
My poor friend didn't know what was coming...

William walked in automatically joining the hug making it weird. His body pressed against Henna like the perv he was.
“Ok, ok get out you two we have a wedding to plan” I shouted.

“Wedding, what wedding?” William asked, while Logan had to physically drag him out of the room.
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