Forbidden Desire

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Control Your Tongue

“He, Who's he?” I questioned.

“The master of this dreadful place,
He's not like the rest of them, his kind of normal looking” she squeaked.

“Elizabeth, please tell me how long have you been here?” I questioned once more.

“About a month or two I'm not really sure” she said softly trying not to get anyones attention.

“When were you taken?” she asked.

“About two days ago, where are we?”

“Go to sleep Rose” She whispered not wanting to entertain my conversation any longer.

I tried sleeping but their loud annoying howls kept me awake. It was as though they waited for something.

I soon found out as a loud crash filled the room followed by screeching and horrifying screams. I looked around but all I could see were bits and pieces of flashing coming through a broken window in the far corner of the room. My heart almost failed me as It ran pass swinging the cages from side to side sniffing the air in excitement.

Loud howls filled the room as those unearthly creatures came rushing out from behind those huge doors with that monstrous tall man following behind, this time his Lantern was brighter. The huge boils on his face were a bright shade of yellow which looked as though they were about to ooze out at any time.

So much for trying to sleep...

They too joined whatever it was that came crashing into the room causing chaos all around us.
“Shut the Hell up” I yelled.
My heart stood still in my chest as he approached the cage which kept me captive.

This is it Rose, that big mouth of yours is finally going to get you murdered...

“This one Master?” He screeched in a fearful tone pointing as he hung the Lantern at my face, adrenaline rushed through my veins and before I knew it my mouth opened once again.

“Fuck off you jackass!” I yelled kicking the cage like a lunatic.

The creature rose from the ground and slowly walked towards the cage. He granted before speaking, “No, not that one” he said gruffly before walking away.
I turned my attention to Elizabeth who quivered in fear as they strolled past her.

“Elizabeth, are you ok?” I whispered.

“Quiet Rose, you should learn to control your tongue!” she whispered underneath her breath.

Unfortunately my tongue had a mind of its own...

He quickly approached the cage, “would you like to be their supper?” he whispered.

“Of Course not! sir” I said softly.

“Then hush my dear, we wouldn't want my pets starting an uproar, now would we?”

Elizabeth sat as quiet as a mouse curled up in the corner as they walked from cage to cage.

“What are they doing?” I screamed.

“Rose you going to get yourself killed,
Be quiet” she whispered.

His Lantern went from cage to cage, twenty cages to be specific before they finally stopped.
“This one Master, this one?” he shouted excitedly Before opening it up. He dragged his lifeless body out, throwing it over his shoulder and marched through the doors.

His green eyes stared at me before he walked through. There was something about him that seemed familiar.

The bars warmed up as sunlight shone in from the broken window. I turned towards Elizabeth who was still curled up in the corner of the cage. Blond locks covered her face, “Psst..psst are you ok Elizabeth? they're gone.” please look at me, I whispered.

She shook her head from side to side. “Rose Please leave me alone” she whispered back. As I looked around, blood surrounded us, it was on the walls and floor even the ceiling had blood stains.

How the hell it got up there, I wouldn't want to find out.

Being around sick people all day didn't really bother me but this was something new.
Perhaps they were affected by some sort of disease…
I had never seen a disease mutate someone's features in that way before.

Were they looking for help?
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