Forbidden Desire

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Old Fashioned

First I'm a wolf then I'm a vampire now I'm both can these people just make up their mind already.

Running away seemed like a good idea at the time, who knew he'd catch up to me that fast. Well we are basically the same speed just these stupid fumbling legs of mine wouldn't stop shaking.

Logan really pissed me off when he brought Jason up, making it seem like I cheated on him.
I didn't even know him at that time...
And not like I was going to keep him around for a very long time either.
Telling me to go back to him made me furious...

Throwing my stuff around also seemed like a good idea until I had to end up picking it up.
Most of it stayed on the floor anyway.

I guess he used Henna to calm me down before I went all bat shit crazy on him.
His sly I'll give him that..
God knows I wasn't ready for him to pop the question. I mean we'd been together for little over 6 months and here he was bent down on one knee.

His lucky I love him or else I would have just walked away from all this drama, drama which I had to now face. William mentioned something about the council members.
If they rejected my parents from being together how on earth are we going to convince them..?

To make things worse I'm an abomination, that's what she called it.
A Mix between two different breeds.

I'm still new to all this so I'm pretty sure Logan would have to do all the talking, explaining, groveling, begging and pleading. He did say he'd do anything to keep us together right...?
That meant more than just locking me in the room waiting for me to calm down.

What was I going to do with Henna..?
Her being here makes shit much harder to deal with.
Let's not forget the fact that William was willing to do anything just to get between her legs.

My brain shut down, exhaustion seemed to take over the moment Henna laid beside me. The last thing I heard was. “Why are you so pale, Rosey?”

Couple of hours went by she sat beside me holding up a Manhattan wedding book,“Oh good you're awake,
William stopped by” she mumbled which forced me to sit up straight.


“Yeah,” she sighed “he dropped these off an hour ago ”

“OK, did he touch you?” I asked without thinking.

“You do realise I can fuck whom ever I want to right?” she shouted.

“Uh huh, I know I'm just curious, Henz” I whispered.

Laughing loudly, “nah don't stress he refused to even look at me, perhaps his shy.”

“That's imp... Uhm nice Henz find anything interesting?”

She rolled her eyes at me. “Dude they brought in Ball gown choices, I mean freakin puffy old fashion BALL GOWNS.... Not even those which show a little skin. Just look at this” she said as she shoved the book into my hand.

My eyes went wide “uh oooook.... These are uhm interesting” I said, causing her laughter to fill the room.

“Interesting....” I giggled.

“what the fuck? You've changed Rosey, what's going on?” she whispered as she took my cold hands into hers.
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