Forbidden Desire

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Coming Clean

“What the fuck? You've changed Rosey” she whispered.

She sat there staring at me not breaking eye contact, the only way she knew how to force the truth out and make me come clean.

After a few minutes I broke the silence
“What do you want to know, Henna?” I shouted.

“Everything! How is it that you know this guy for a few months and bam just like that I'm here helping you plan a wedding?”

Taking in a deep breath, “well you have to promise not to freak out” I said sternly.

“Yeah,yeah freaking out is more of your category” she whispered with a bit of a giggle.

“Logan's a wolf and I well I'm a..a hybrid” I whispered.
She laughed uncontrollably, "cut the shit Rosey and tell me what's going on" she said out of breath.

I returned the stare. We sat there just looking at each other in awkward silence until Logan walked in.
“What's happening here?” he asked, noticing the weirdness between us.

“Oh nothing much, your fiancé is being a bit on the dramatic side saying you are a wolf and she's a hybrid.” His eyes pierced at me from across the room and he let out a loud laugh before taking my hand into his. His ear soon found my ear. “Do you really want to traumatise her?” he whispered before placing a soft kiss upon my cheek making Henna think we're just being romantic.

My eyes rolled at him
“Show her,” I said loudly.

“No!” he shouted back at me.

“If you don't want to sleep outside tonight you'll show her” I demanded.
Grinning at his handsome face, those hypnotic eyes shone at me.

“If you say so, don't blame me later” he said with a bit of a smirk on his face.

Scooting myself over to her I wrapped my arm around her waist. “Are you ready?” I asked excitedly.

“Ready for what?” she whispered.

Just like that his clothes ripped off and he transformed into his beautiful wolf form.
We often hear men are not to be called beautiful but man oh man he is beautiful..

She freaked out immediately gripping onto my arm digging her long red painted nails into my skin and I was almost certain she was about to wet herself.

Her heart rate sped up and her face lost color, her breathing became heavier as Logan stood still on the side of the bed watching her have a complete meltdown.

“Henna, Henna, breath,
In with your nose, out from your mouth”I shouted.

Doing the breathing techniques they showed us at palates, she copied me while her head moved from him to me.

“Wait, wait, wait, just wait Rosey what's going on?” she shouted as she rolled up the magazine and pointed it at him telling to shoo.

Forcing her face towards me whilst her hand still pointed in his direction
“Henz calm down” I whispered.
Her face hit my shoulder and just like that she was out like a light.

He transformed back with a huge grin plastered on his face, “told ya” he whispered.
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