Forbidden Desire

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Make Me One

It was supper time when she finally decided to open her eyes.
“Rosey,” she called out, still groggy from the shock she encountered.

Still holding onto her hand trying my best to keep her calm, she jumped up holding the blanket which I had covered her with against her chest. She squeezed my hand tightly and her heart rate sped up the minute she saw him.

“Please Rose, don't let him eat me,” she whispered.

Soft laughter escaped my lips as I watched her pupils dilate. She was as cute as a defenseless kitten sitting there waiting for the big bad wolf to attack her.

Suddenly her face turned towards me in horror.
“If you were right about him being a wolf whi..which means a what?”

She moved her body as far away from me as possible.
“P-p- please Rose I hope you guys didn't bring me here as supper” she shouted.

“Henna no one is going to eat you can you please just calm the fuck down” I whispered.
She held on tighter to the blanket and covered her face not saying a single word.

“Henna..” My voice somehow seemed to raise at her which wasn't out of the ordinary. We'd yell at each other all the time. I understood her quacking underneath the blankets though.
He hopped onto the bed and took my hand into his.

“Henna” he called her softly, “I'm really sorry I told your very stubborn friend that you wouldn't be able to handle this” he whispered.

Butting in trying to defend myself “Henz you're stronger than I am.”

“Trust me I'm freaking out too imagine finding out I am an abomination” I shouted in his direction.
She chuckled from under the blanket.

“You're not an abomination, Rosey , you're perfect” she whispered, still hiding her face.
“Promise you won't eat me”

Letting out a soft chuckle of my own
“You probably taste like garbage” I whispered.

That seemed to get her attention. She slightly moved the blanket, allowing only her eyes to stick out.

“Can you do that too?”

“Yeah,” I whispered.

She tossed the blanket to the side and shuffled herself closer in pure excitement
“Awesome! Can I be one too?”

Laughing loudly, “trust me you're better off the way you are” I chuckled.

“Pleeeeeease Rosey you know I've been obsessed with all those horror books now my best friends one. Make me one please, please” she begged.

Giving her a sharp stare “you trying to say I'm a horror?”

“No, no that's not what I mean, It's just now you probably have super powers and I've always wanted to have super powers you know that.”

Laughing loudly “if you call running really fast where my own legs can't carry me and the scent of people's blood drives me insane all of the sudden and not to mention hearing your heartbeat super powers then I don't think it counts.”

I'd hardly call any of those super powers....

“Come-on it can't be all that bad?” she whispered.

“Yeah the sex is amazing” I whispered giving her a little wink before turning around to see the look on his face
Ofcourse it was priceless.

She seemed to calm down abit once William showed up, he hopped onto the bed joining the three of us showing her his white pearly teeth
“Soooo I'm guessing they told you what we are?”

“Cut the crap William! I heard you standing in the garden eavesdropping on our conversation, practically laughing your head off once she asked me to make her one.”

“Ok ok sister-in-law now that you're a hybrid don't show off” he laughed loudly.
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