Forbidden Desire

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Lesson Learned

I threw the phone on the bed the moment we stepped out.
“ phone, how did you get it?”

My annoyance showed the minute I answered her, “speed!” I shouted

“What's with you?” she asked while looking down at her now locked screen.

“Boys, can you please give us some privacy?” I asked aggressively.
Logan placed a kiss on my cheek.
“Please don't do anything stupid” he whispered into my ear before leaving

I phased in front of her for a few minutes while her heart rapidly picked up speed, “is there something you'd like to tell me?” I asked, letting out a little growl.

Her face changed color as she looked at me still phasing “n-no why Rosey” She nervously whispered.
My eyes turned to slits immediately scarring her, she moved backwards until she hit the headboard.

“You're making it worse Henna” I shouted before lowering my gaze from her terrified face. I took in a deep breath trying to calm myself down but her silence got my blood boiling.

“Henna!” I screeched as I placed my tongue against my now fanged teeth trying to avoid the sound of her heavily beating heart.

“Ra...Ra...Rose you're scaring me” she shouted.
My eyes pierced into her as her breaths became heavy. The excitement from her trembling allowed me to be beside her within seconds. My fangs hovered over her exposed neck. Shutting my eyes tightly Logan had me around my waist dragging me away from her.

“Henna tell me the truth” I yelled as he dragged me into the corner of the room

“Let go of me” I shouted.

He cupped my face, forcing me to look at him. “Rose calm down please you do something we're both going to regret” he whispered.

Flipping him around, my hands were now on his throat, I winked at him making everything seem realistic. He let out a loud gagging sound with a slight smile on his face “clever girl” he whispered.

The look on Hennas face was priceless
We both laughed loudly as she held onto her chest.
Tricking her was worth it...

Even though I was quite pissed about the conversation her and Jason were having, she needed to know exactly what I am...

Maybe she'd change her mind about wanting to be a part of this.

“What the fucks going on you guys?” she shouted.

“Uhm I'm not a part of whatever this is” he said as he raised his hands up with a huge smile planted on his gorgeous face.

“Are you still planning on changing?”

Tears rolled down her milky white skin, “are you guys freaking kidding me, all this was to change my mind?”

Laughing softly I kind of felt bad but she needed to know what she's getting herself into.

“Rose this isn't funny” she whispered with tears still rolling down her cheeks, “I'm sorry Henz this was the only way I could get through to you” I whispered.

“Ever heard of having a decent conversation?” she shouted.

“Nah, this way was better”I chuckled.

“I'm not really sorry though Henz” I said which caused her to give me a confused look. “Jason,” I said softly.

“Was all this because I told him you're getting married?”

“No duh”

“Rosey you such a bitch” she said as she sobbed bitterly.

“Yeah, Yeah, I know you still love me Henz” I said as I wrapped my arms around her.

“You're cruel Rose really” She whispered as she pulled me in closer to her, “just promise you'll never do this to me again” she begged.

“I promise Henz now I'm kinda sorry!”
She punched my arm and started laughing loudly.

“Soooo girls I'll leave you to whatever this is William and I have to approach the council” he shouted.

“There's no way you're going alone”

“Babe I won't be alone, William will be with me, and if they see you they might feel threatened.”
My eyes automatically rolled at the ridiculous nonsense he was speaking.

“I'm coming and that's that!” I said sternly.

He was fighting a losing battle…
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