Forbidden Desire

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Secret Weapon


I've been planning the proposal for weeks now. Rose is a stubborn woman, Henna was my best bet to get her to take a breather and listen to what I had to say..

It didn't go the way I wanted to but oh well she said yes, I can't believe I called her my pornstar..

The stunt she pulled wasn't necessary
I thought she was going to suck the poor girl dry, I have to keep her away from feeding god knows what will happen once she fed.

Approaching the council is something that can't be avoided if we want to stay amongst my people. Mother has already left to brief them on what's happening.

Rose wasn't a part of the convincing plan but that woman, once her mind is set on doing something there's no way of stopping her.
Hopefully things will work out in our favour..


Henna let me down in more ways than one, scaring the shit out of her was the only way..

Smelling the hot blood flowing through her veins made me lose it for a few minutes, thank God Logan came in time, even though I planned it, who knows what I would have done to her at that moment.

She thinks having these abilities is a walk in the park yet it's taking every ounce of self control I have left not to taste her or any other human around me...

Logan on the other hand wants to approach the council without me
There's still a chance they could punish him on my behalf.
Whatever happens we need to face it together..

Henna sat on the bed pouting like crazy wanting us to take her with us as we prepared ourselves for this.

We hunt humans, we don't befriend them... That's what Arcaina had told me so taking her with me would be a major problem.

Leaving her in Charlie's care for a few days wouldn't hurt, would it..?

As we hugged goodbye tears fell from her eyes. Charlie had to literally pull her away as the limo which pulled off was meant for royalty only.

The ride was quiet Logan and William looked at eachother weirdly.
“What's wrong boys?”
My eyes scanned the two of them as they sat there biting their teeth.
“It's Nothing” Logan whispered.

“When are you going to tell her Logan, have you learned nothing?”

“Shut up William!” Why do you always.. He sighed loudly, “well I guess you're right she's going to find out either way!” he shouted.

He held onto his mouth for a few seconds before opening it but nothing came out, William and I looked at him with anticipation. Well I was more filled with anticipation then William, he already knew the problem.

“Uh...well you know Octavia?
Ok wait that's a stupid question ofcourse you know Octavia”

“Let me try this again....” he paused for a while gathering his words while I turned my attention to William.

“That bad huh?” I asked, he nodded in approval.

“Logan spit it out will you before I die of old age!” I shouted.
His eyes went wide before letting out a little chuckle, “unfortunately death will not be caused by old age” he whispered as he grinned stupidly.

“Octavia is Royalty which means her dad is on the council” he blurted.


“So my mother promised her father a hand in marriage.”

“Marriage? I thought your mother was trying to get you to date, but marriage?”

“No this is not happening....” So we're going to ask your supposed father-in-law for his blessing?
This is unbelievable, what are we going to do?”

“Well it's treason! for one” William shouted.

“Treason? We're not planning on overthrowing anyone, we just need their approval.”

“You still don't get it Rose, there aren't many like you in the world, the lords and Ladies of each and every clan are afraid that you might over power and end their legacy. You, I mean your kind is seen as a threat, Understand?”

Logan's face went pale with worry as William blurted everything out.
“Will you're a jackass, you know that?” Before I knew it Logan had him by the throat, “let's not forget who's next in line dear brother” he growled loudly.

Cutting in between I shoved them apart like it was nothing, each hitting a limo door “cut the crap we're in serious shit and you both are acting like complete jackasses” I shouted.

They stared at each other before looking at me simultaneously.
“Rose what the fuck! ”
“Did you see that bro?” Willam shouted.
Logan sat with his mouth wide open not saying a word.

“See I told you she was our secret weapon.”
And yet he said nothing; he just looked at me in complete shock while William babbled on and on.

Snapping my fingers in front of him
Finally breaking whatever trance he was in, “what's the matter?” I whispered.

“Did you not just fling us across the limo?” he said as shock stayed on his face.

“Yeah so?”

“How did you manage to throw two royal blood's across like it was nothing?” he whispered.

“I don't know, the two of you started pissing me off so I needed to separate you'll before I committed murdered”

“How are you so calm about this whole thing?” William whispered.

“Uh well maybe it was a fluke,” he whispered as though I couldn't hear him.

“What's it with the whole royal blood thing?”

“Well because our parents are king and queen of the clan which makes us royal blood giving us much more power then those common wolves walking around the kingdom.”

“There's no way that's a fluke bro I'm telling you she's a secret weapon” William shouted at the top of his lungs.
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