Forbidden Desire

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Holy Water

We reached big black gates which were guarded by four wolves.
Two on the outside stopping anyone from getting in and two on the inside stopping anyone from leaving I assume.

My heart raced as the two on the outside approached the idling limo.
“Can I help you?” The one on the left growled tapping on the window with his long claws while the other one walked around inspecting every inch of the limo.

Logan opened the door,“is this the way to welcome the eldest son to Queen Arcaina back?” he shouted.
The poor thing lost his smug grin the moment he recognized Logan, “I...I..I'm sorry Prince Logan I-I thought it was an unwelcome dweller” he stuttered.

“Dwellers huh?”
“Since when?”

“Uh I mean those blood suckers sir, well I was informed that one will be brought before the council today” he whispered.

Logan's eyes snapped at him, “why would they come here?”

“They were informed that one of our wolves has a hybrid!” He whispered sniffing into the air, he rubbed his nose as though something tickled the inside of it before back stepping.

“Are you alone sir?”
Logan gripped him by the collar pulling his face closer. “No William is with me, he has one of his snacks with him, the poor girl doesn't know it yet but he's about to devour her and toss her corpse into the trash” he whispered.

William stuck his hand out through a crack in the window and waved at them. “Welcome back prince William” he said with a smile. He shook his head in disapproval of what he had heard.
“There's a new dump site at the back of the castle sir” he said before informing the guards to open up.

Seeing him back in the limo next to me I could breathe easily. “What's going on?”
He shrugged his shoulders placing his finger on his lips as we drove through to the main entrance.

“I told you something wasn't right Logan” he whispered.

“Yeah,” he sighed loudly, “I now see that you were right.”

“Let's find mother, she could prep us for what's about to happen”

The two of them were freaking out as they stepped out of the car, but not answering the question I asked by the gate.
“Logan, William, stop. I will not step one foot out of this door without being informed on what's going on.
Why are vampires not allowed into the palace today?” I whispered.

“Were they ever allowed in?”

“What was all the talk about hybrids at the gate?”

Logan slammed the door in my face ordering the driver to lock the door.
“You'll be safer in there my love don't worry old Hector here knows what to do in case things go south” he shouted before tapping on the hood of the limo, it started up again and slowly moved down the parking bay.

I grabbed onto the handle to let myself out but it burnt at the very touch, excruciating pain filled the palm of my hand.
“Hector let me out right now” I screamed.

“I'm sorry ma'am I've been given strict instructions to keep you safe from both blood suckers and wolves alike and I can not go against my orders” he whispered through a small tweeter placed against the doors.

I gripped the handle once again and it burned, forcing me to curl myself up on the seat and scream like a child as tears fell from my eyes.
“I'm really sorry Miss, please stop trying to open the door because it's been laced with holy water” he mumbled.

“Holy freakin water, I've had that thrown on me from birth how is it burning my skin?” I screamed.

“Well I'm guessing because your vamp part only kicked in once master made you his. it works so please stop trying to get out” he whispered once more.

“Logan.... I'm going to murder you!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.
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