Forbidden Desire

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Sitting on edge as my legs shook in that God forsaken limo while Hector plaid a few Sam Smith tracks.

Minutes turned into hours of just sitting and waiting.
“Hector, do you have any idea as to what's happening in there?” I whispered. But no response came from him.
"Hector" I repeat over and over until I grew tired of calling him.
perhaps I'd get his attention by hurting myself...

I grabbed onto the handle while biting down on my sharp fangs but to no avail he still didn't answer even though I screamed out.

I tried calling him once more but there was no response, the only sound which could be heard was the stupid track which kept playing over the tweeters.
Something was wrong....

I kicked and screamed for either Logan's or William's attention but the stupid lino just had to be sound proofed.

Before I knew it, huge muscular arms ripped the door clean off the hinges and tossed it to the side. He wrapped his huge thick fingers into my hair and dragged me on to the ground.

Kicking and screaming didn't seem to help, it just made things worse. He lifted me up by my hair slamming me back down again.

He turned me around to look at his victim. His face was white as snow and eyes black as coal as he stared down at me, Dark hair fell just above his brows and the smirk he had on his face revealed his white fangs.

Why can I not fight him...?

“Let go of me you fucker!” I screamed.
His black eyes stayed focused on me for a few seconds before he turned around and dragged me behind him. The gravel beneath me dug into my skin leaving a long trail of blood behind.

He dragged my limp body throughout the castle, torturing me with each step he took before we stopped at huge doors which were only ten feet from the main entrance.
“What did I ever do to you?” I whispered as he looked down at me.

Without a reply he kicked the huge oak brown doors open and flung me inside. My face hit the ground first followed by a cracking sound which came from my shoulder.

Loud gasps followed by complete silence, I lifted my head up to face a crowd of people looking down at me from a podium.

“Rise!” A loud brutal voice echoed through the huge hall. Blood streamed down my lips from the open wound caused by that foolish man.

“Rise!!” he shouted once more before ordering two guards to have me lifted up to face him. They hooked my arms, forcing me off the ground. His bottle green eyes stared down at me and red lips curled into a shrewd smile.
“It's nice to finally meet this mysterious, exquisite, Hybrid creature” he shouted.

Spitting my now stale blood at him the guard lifted his hand to strike me but the man on the podium raised his hand stopping him in midair.
“We treat our guests with respect” He growled loudly.

“Uh huh, that's why I was dragged in here respectfully!” I shouted.

“Yes my dear you're kind deserves nothing but the best treatment possible” he screeched. Everyone on the podium cheered loudly causing my eardrums to hurt.

“Where the fuck is my fiancé and his family?” I shouted.

“My my she was right, you do have a sharp little tongue,” he growled.

"She, Who's she?" I whispered.

Octavia that traitorous snake stepped out into the light, her scent was being covered by all the raging wolves I was surrounded by. Her hands folded one another while she tapped her Gucci Stilettos heels in front of me.
“You backstabbing whore!” I shouted.

Leather straps flung against my wrists as I reached my hands out to grab her by the throat. The burning it caused was unbearable, it sent me falling to my knees. Loud shrieks left my lips which forced the wolves to hold their ears shut.
My fangs revealed themselves as I sat there with my head hanging down

They all gawked at me while terror seemed to fill their faces . Not terror for what was happening to me but terror from what I was...

“Logan!” I yelled still down on my knees as tears rolled down my cheeks from the excruciating pain around my wrists.

He got off his seat, walked down the steps and stood beside me, placing his long fingernails into my jaw. He drew some blood, “you're pissing me off!” I shouted as he inspected my features.

My eyes darkened, turning into slits. I snapped my teeth at him as he laughed loudly.
Somehow my pain amused him.

“Now don't be hasty, you will get to join my son's and their traitorous mother soon enough” he shouted.

Sons, mother…?
“What the fuck, your Victor? Queen Arcaina's Vitor?” I shouted.

He forced my face towards him as he bent down. “Well I'm glad you've heard about me” he said with a huge smirk plastered on his face.

“Yes you a bastard” I shouted and they all gasped loudly, some dramatically held onto their mouths.
“What do you want from me?”
“Why are you doing this when I'm going to marry your son?”

He was now circling me. “My son, which son are you referring to?” he shouted.
I rolled my eyes at him and once again he bent down looking into my eyes.

“I'm guessing that whoring mother of his hasn't told either of you the truth,” he shouted.

“How dare you” I shouted as I snapped my vangs at him in the attempt to rip his throat out.

“Calm down little hybrid you're just making it worse for yourself” he whispered into my face.

“Today every single council member will witness the truth about their precious Queen Arcaina” he shouted.
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