Forbidden Desire

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Council 2

Soft muffled moans came from a darkened corner of the room. He ordered a light to be shone in that direction, my eyes widened as soon as the light hit them.
All four laid there in a fetal position with their wrists bound to their legs.

The minute I saw them a stinging sensation ripped across my back. He
watched, unable to do anything about what his father was doing.
His stares turned into tears as Lord Victor continuously lashed the whip across my back, slashing into my skin. Each strike was more aggressive than the last.

I bit into my bottom lip as I tried controlling the pain so I would not show him weakness. “Stubborn little girl aren't you?” he yelled as my knees shivered against the cold marble tiles.

He flung the whip away growling loudly with frustration “Your dirty breed disgusts me!” he shouted.

“Bring out the dialysis machine, let's get that evil blood sucker out of you once and for all” he screeched loudly at the guards while his eyes focused on me.

“No, no I don't want to” I screamed while the leather straps stretched my arms apart. He laughed loudly, “you do not have a choice, if it were up to me I'd wipe this world clean of your kind” he yelled.

He walked towards Logan and his steel tip boot kicked him straight in the face.
Blood puddled beneath him, “you call yourself my son?” he screamed.
Within a blink of an eye his boot struck Logan's stomach causing his loud howling to echo around. The wolves from the podium stood up and gasped loudly as Victor's boot struck him over and over again.

“How do you people allow him to torture your future king” I screamed.

He strolled towards me sighing loudly
“Future king, future king!” he shouted and laughed as though he were losing his mind

“That's no son of mine” He growled, dropping down to my level.

“His Mother, that whore, lying curled up next to her sons had an affair with my younger brother” he shouted.

Arcaina's soft muffles flooded throughout the grand hall as tears streamed down, the look on her face told me that everything king Victor announced was true.
Does that still not make him next in line…?

“Wait, wait” He pointed his index finger into my face,“I have an even better surprise for you little hybrid girl” he said as he laughed loudly while he walked into an almost unnoticeable room.

A few minutes later he walked out dragging a person behind him dressed in a grey baggy sweatpants, their head covered by a black bag.

Paying no attention to his madness because the main people I cared about were already being held captive. He stood in front of me looking smug grinning like a moron while the person beside him trembled in fear. I sniffed into the air trying to figure out who it was didn't work. Whatever they used to mask the smell was working.

Eventually he yanked the bag off revealing her beautiful terrorfied face before me as she wept bitterly.

“What the fuck, Henna?” I yelled.

My voice quivered “honey what are you doing here?”

“Are you ok?”

“Did this monster hurt you?”

“Victor let her go, it's me you want, please I'll do anything just let her go” I screamed.

His lips curled up into a cunning smile, “well my Kingdom could use another hybrid, I'm sure you and Addison will make a better match then you and that bastard over there” he shouted as he pointed in my Logan's direction.

“Well I can't take any chances, Guards” he growled. Within seconds they held me down forcing a liquid down my throat, the whole room started spinning and my vision blurred.

The cold floor soothed the lashes on my back as they laid me down and the leather straps seemed to loosen. Fighting them off was no longer an option, he grinned as he stuck the needle into my forearm.

The loud sound of the dialysis machine sent shivers down my spine yet I couldn't do anything about it. Two bags were attached to either side one empty and the other with 0 negative.

I could hear my own blood being extracted from my body. Tears hit the floor as I turned to look at the love of my life, unable to do anything about it and every thought of wanting to be human again vanished.

Within minutes it filled up and I could feel my pulse weaken. He ordered one of the guards to fetch another bag determined to drain me dry.

And he called my kind blood suckers…

Logan's name remained on my lips as I felt myself fading away.

The huge oak doors flew open and a gust of wind passed by me. Within a blink of an eye a tall skinny pale man wearing a black coat had Lord Victor by the throat holding him up in mid-air.

The room was suddenly filled with vampires surrounding every inch of the hall. He pushed away the blond curly hair which fell into his pale white face with his free hand. His deep blue eyes looked down at me and red lips gave me a little smile before he turned his attention back to Victor.

Things are about to get real...

His amazing blue eyes turned to slits and huge fangs revealed themselves to Lord Victor.
That God awful machine still buzzed beside me, “would someone shut this thing up” he yelled. Victor looked as though he were about to have a heart attack right there.

“So tell me Victor, why was I not invited to this little party of yours?” he shouted, his voice was strong and stern.

“I...I...” He stuttered, not getting anything else out.

“ what? Thought I wouldn't find out you had one of mine held captive?” he screamed.

One of his men yanked the needle out causing my blood to spray on the floor. “Tisk, tisk What a waste of precious blood” he said.

His snapping sent Victor into a complete meltdown. The way he reacted made me understand the reason he was afraid of me.

He wasnt going to allow me to reach my full potential...
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