Forbidden Desire

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I'm Glad You're Entertained

The chains which held him up made a squeaking sound each time he moved. His body hunched over as he swung the cage from side to side.

“Hush” they all yelled but he refused to listen. The poor man seemed like he was on the verge of a mental breakdown singing hush little baby don't you cry over and over again.

“Shut up Carl!” Elizabeth screamed from beside me.

“You shut up Lizzy, you're the one who got me into this mess in the first place.”

"Now now children let's all get along" he shouted from behind those doors

“Elizabeth what is going on here?”

“Elizabeth has the tendency of stretching the truth, tell her you're the reason we're all here you bitch” he shouted louder this time.

“Elizabeth, what's he talking about?
I have never seen you before” I asked, trying to keep a level head.

“Don't pay attention to Carl, his mind is broken from being here so long” she whispered.

“We both know that's a lie Lizzy, are you going to tell her or should I?” he shouted.

The doors burst open and he stood there with arms folded staring at the cages.
“I'm so sorry to keep you waiting for breakfast, it will be served soon,” he said calmly.

“We don't want your food demon” Shouted a faint voice from the far corner of the room.

“We'll see about that Mr. Watkins, everybody has to eat some time or the other,” he said as a smirk formed on his face.

Now that I could see his face clearly there was nothing demonic about him. He was a fair, tall, well built man with stunning green eyes and lips as red as a freshly picked cherry.

My heart pounded as he stepped closer to the cage. “What is it, did that fool Charlie hurt you my dear?” he whispered.

“No sir,”I whispered.
“What have we done to be caged up like animals?”

There you go with your big mouth again Rose...

He let out a little growl “speak for yourself Rose, they know why they are here.” he said

“Ok then why am I here?
Please let me go, I promise I won't say a word to anyone” I shouted.

He laughed loudly, “who would honestly believe you my dear?”

“You are here by my request, I promise you will be let out soon my lovely” he seductively whispered into the cage.

Elizabeth's laughter filled the air
“Be quiet” he yelled before banging her cage.

Carl was right, she did know what was going on...

That horrid tall man walked in pushing a trolley leaving it in the middle of the madness before opening each cage except mine.

“Am I meant to starve sir?” I asked sweetly. He laughed out loudly enjoying the moment

“You will be sharing a meal with me Rose”
No thank you… I thought to myself.

Those bottle green eyes stared straight into my face which felt as though he were undressing me with them.
“That's not an option my darling,
"Charlie!" Shouted.
"Get her out of there,” he shouted as he walked away.

He pulled me out, tossing me onto the floor. His master rushed over and slapped him directly into a wall.

“Don't you dare hurt her again!”
He yelled before lifting me off the ground and wiped the blood from my face.
His eyes turned dark with anger
“I would never allow anyone to hurt my Rose” he screamed.

Elizabeth's laughter sounded as though she were one of them.
“Be quiet!” he shouted, his voice echoed throughout the building. I quickly jumped back into the cage, closing it behind me. She continued laughing as he shook her cage in anger, “Charlie, get this woman out of her before I lose it!” he screeched.

Turning towards me his eyes widened, “Rose get out of there” He demanded, his voice was both powerful and soothing.
I opened the cage door and this time he helped me out.

His eyes stayed focused on Elizabeth as he took my hand and led me towards those huge doors. I froze once we stepped closer. “Come-on there's nothing to be afraid of,” he whispered.

“N-no sir please I don't want to be those things, breakfast, lunch or supper” I whispered back.

His growling laughter filled the air
“You fascinate me Rose.”

I rolled my eyes at him “I'm glad you're entertained sir, but I still don't want to be eaten.”

“You're not going to be any of those come on Rose and you don't have to refer to me as sir, it's Logan” he said sternly.

I walked through with my eyes shut trying hard not to make any loud noises as he held onto my hand tightly.
It was absolutely quiet, “you may open your eyes” he said softly.

I held my breath in and shook my head from side to side which caused him to chuckle softly. He gently lifted my face, “this is the reason I chose you Rose” he whispered.
“Now be a good girl and open your eyes”
His voice was stern and demanding yet somehow I liked it.

“What do you mean you chose me?
Please don't choose me” I whispered.

Once again he laughed, “you are very silly Rose have a seat.”

I looked down where there was a round table covered by a beautiful black and red table cloth and two wine glasses accompanied by a bottle of champagne. The table had different varieties of fruits placed all around it. Two plates were placed perfectly with roast and baked potatoes.

“Is this for me?” I asked excitedly as he seated me down onto the chair.

“Yes my dear all this is for you, you must be starving”

He's not as bad as I thought...
“Oh yes sir,” I mumbled. He interrupted me “not sir, Logan” he said.
I chuckled loudly and his face lit up immediately.

“I mean Logan, I'm starving. I can't remember what was the last proper meal I had.” He took a seat across from me and his eyes glared at me in excitement.

As I lifted the roast to my lips flashbacks of the man being carried out came to mind. I threw the fork to the side and shut my eyes tightly.
“I'm sorry I can not eat him” I yelled.

He looked at me as confusion filled his handsome face, “were you friends?” he whispered.

“No we weren't friends but I can't eat him”

“Rose, if you weren't friends with the wild boar we had caught, why would you not want to eat it?”

“Wild boar?”

“Yes, what did you think this was?”

“That, that man They dragged out from the cage” I said nervously.
He poured a glass of wine and placed it into my hand, "calm down. I would never force you to eat flash."

He sat back down, his eyes still focused on me as I picked up the fork once again. I placed a piece into my mouth. “Hmmmm this is delicious” I mumbled, causing him to let out sligh laugh.

“I'm glad you like it”

“Are you not having any?”

“Unfortunately no my darling I won't be having any” he said softly. Before thinking I asked the question why and held onto my face.
If only this mouth would shut up from time to time..

“One day I will explain it to you, for now you enjoy your meal I will be back soon” he whispered.

“No, please don't go,” I shouted.
He walked around the table smirking as he took a hold of my hand. He placed it on his perfect soft lips and whispered “nothing will happen to you that I promise.”

My heart pounded as I sat there in fear
Not fear for him but fear for those horrible creatures lingering around.
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