Forbidden Desire

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Apple Pie

The doors burst open and he stood there staring at me as desire filled his eyes

“Rose, I-I'm sorry but you have to leave” he whispered.

I stared back at him with eyes wide open, “I'm sorry but did I do something wrong?”

“You did nothing, Charlie will be in soon to escort you out” he said nervously as he turned around and walked out before I could protest.

Well back to my cosy cage it is Rose...

Charlie arrived carrying a big duffle bag, "follow me Miss" he said softly.
He walked past me in the opposite direction from the cages. Mustering up the courage, “where are we going Charlie? I asked softly.

He limped down a long hallway filled with dim lights not saying a word stopping in front of a huge oak door.
“Master has ordered me to bring you to your room, Miss,'' he said before Placing the bag down he left in a hurry.

My Room...

My hands trembled as I turned the doorknob, I shut my eyes expecting something to attack me from the other side but nothing happened.

The most beautiful long golden curtains I had ever seen hung from the railings, the bed was round covered with a black and gold sheet matching them perfectly.

This was way better than my tiny apartment...

Dragging the bag in as I shut the door behind me all I wanted was to have a hot bath and get proper rest.
As I reached into the bag I pulled out clothing which amazingly were all my size.

How did he know my size...?

Brushing the thought off I walked through the room inspecting every inch of it. The bathroom was incredible with marble toppings glimmering underneath the down lights.

Not giving it another thought I filled up the tub with steaming hot water and hopped right in, all I needed was to wash the stench of blood from my body.

He placed his hands on my shoulders, rubbing them gently before tilting my head up to face him. He kissed my lips softly before jumping in leaving little room between us, lifting me up onto his lap I wrapped my legs around him.
He grabbed onto my wet hair bringing my face closer to his.

“kiss me like you mean it”
he demanded.

Smiling like a racehorse, I pressed my lips against his inserting my tongue into his mouth. They intertwined passionately dancing around one another for a while until his manhood hardened.

He slipped his hands into the water and pressed his thumb against my clit, his hand moved in a circular motion until my pussy yearned for him to be inside of it.

He lifted me up once again and gently seated me down onto his dick. Wasting no time he cupped my butt and lifted me up. I took a deep breath knowing exactly what was about to happen. He slammed me down hard a couple of times and groaned loudly. My nails dug deep into his skin as stars started dancing around, he bounced my body faster and faster causing the water to splash out of the tub and soak up my floor.

My eyes shot open as loud pounding could be heard in the distance.
These fools seemed to have bad timing...
I rushed out, threw on the white robe that was placed on the railing, took a deep breath and opened the door.

Charlie stood there holding onto a silver tray, his eyes traveled from my wet hair down to my bare legs. A huge grin formed on his disgusting yellow boiled face causing my insides to twist into knots as he continued staring.

“Yes?” I said politely even though he
Threw me to the ground not so long ago. All I wanted to do was bash his head in with the tray.

“Is that for me?” I asked sweetly.

“Oh, oh yes.. yes..
this is for you, master himself made it for ya” he said as he placed the tray into my hands still ogling my bare legs.
He turned around and limped back into the dim lighting down the hallway.

Not so long ago he ran away from me and now he makes me food...

I lifted up the silver covering and to my surprise it was a slice of apple-pie with a folded piece of paper placed next to it. Which read, for you my Love I hope you enjoy it.

What is going on, does he have romantic feelings towards me...?

How could he, he doesn't even know me. He was probably trying to fatten me up for his demons..

Shaking the foolish thought out of my head I placed a piece of pie into my mouth which melted perfectly into my taste buds.

Damn, he sure does know how to make a delicious apple-pie...
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