Forbidden Desire

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Finish What You Started

Getting onto those silk sheets after spending the night in a cold icy cage felt like heaven, I was in dreamland within seconds and being the only man I was fucking f Course he appeared in my dreams.

Feeling his warmth beside me, he kissed my lips as he slipped his hands onto my breasts and caressed my nipples gently.
He moved his hand down my stomach and onto my sensitive clit, he rubbed it until my pussy became swollen from excitement. My soft moans caused that priceless grin to appear onto his gorgeous face.

His brown eyes enjoyed torturing me. He felt the heat between my legs as he separated them and inserted two fingers inside me with ease.

He looked at me with a smile on his face as he slowly moved them in and out of me, he bit down on his bottom lip while he enjoyed every second of watching me suffer.

His tongue circled my neck as he pressed deeper causing my body to quiver with excitement.

“I want to feel you inside me”
I whispered into his ear.

“Not yet baby” he whispered as he shoved his fingers deeper and faster in and out of my tortured my yearning pussy.

I loved and hated every moment of it, all I wanted was for his dick to tear me to pieces. He waited until I was on the verge of coming until he pulled his fingers out of me and flipped me onto my stomach. He wrapped my legs behind his back and pulled me closer. Without a second wasted he shoved his rode inside me giving me exactly what I craved.

His body slammed vigorously against mine, giving my pussy the burning sensation I so desperately needed.
Each time he stopped to catch his breath he slapped my ass making sure that I called out his name. Every stroke he took caused me to moan louder and louder which was music to his ears.

His thrusts became longer and deeper as he made sure to hit my G Spot over and over again.I held onto the silk sheets for dear life as he ruthlessly slammed his dick in and out of me.

“Jason!” I yelled as my core pulled and with one final stroke he grunted loudly and dumped his load inside me

Good thing that I'm on the pill...

“Are you done?” I asked abruptly as he pulled himself out of me and got dressed.

My pussy already missed the feeling of being filled up.

“Yes, I have a wife I need to please as well, I can't be stuck in between your legs 24/7 Rose” he said bluntly as he tossed my legs onto the bed. He barely looked at me as he got dressed and took off.

“Jason what the fuck, come back here and finish what you started!” I yelled loudly as my eyes began to tear up in disbelief.

As I opened my eyes to an empty room I held onto my face filled with frustration.
My mind went haywire realising it was only a dream which frustrated me even more

Yes the sex was good but he could never reach my soul..

I yelled into the soft continental pillow beside me from just the thought of being rejected by him.
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