Forbidden Desire

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Took My Breath Away

Why has he not found me yet...?
Didn't he realize I was not beside him...?

All I wanted was to be in his arms once more, My heart yearned for some deep sexual healing.

The pillow soaked up all my tears as I continued laying there wondering why I was stuck on something that was not real until three Light knocks came from those huge oak doors.

I'm so not in the mood for Charlie's crap right now...

I flung the door open but that repulsive fool was not around instead it was a bottle of red wine with a note attached to it.
This will make you feel better, my love!

Were there cameras in the room...?
I placed the bottle down and searched every nook and cranny like a mad woman but came up empty handed.

How does he know I'm not in a good mood...?
Why is he so concerned about a prisoner...

Well I wasn't about to let the only thing which would bring me some sort of happiness just lay there. I opened it up, poured a glass and relaxed on the comfy couch.

I couldn't help but wonder how long they were going to keep me here, tears rolled down my cheeks as I sat there sipping the Oh so sweet wine.

Before I knew it Charlie stood in front of me holding yet another tray, he looked down at me not saying a word as usual.
“What do you want, Charlie? Go away!” I screamed at the top of my lungs

“Tell your master I don't want to be here”
He grinned as he placed the tray onto my lap and walked towards the door.

“Go away Charlie, Just go away” I screamed as I threw the wine glass at the door.

His laughter brought chills down my spine while I sat there balling my eyes out.
I wanted to be in my tiny, stuffy apartment away from these wild animals.

Days went by as the trays piled up on the table. Each day that foolish Charlie would bring me something made by his master. He had avoided me for days and I could feel my anxiety levels begin to rise.
I need to get out of here...

As I turned the knob he stood there with a huge grin on his face.
“Going somewhere?” he whispered.

“Would you like to accompany me outside?” he asked calmly.

Without thinking I wrapped my arms around him and his musk scent hit my nostrils. “I'm so glad you're here, this room is driving me insane” I whispered into his ear. He laughed softly as he ran his fingers through my untidy tangled hair.

“All you had to do was ask Rose” he said with a huge smirk on his face.
I snapped out of the daze I was in and pushed him away from me.

He growled loudly, “Come-on then let's get you out of here” he said as he tugged aggressively onto my hand.

He led me down the hall and into a garden, it took my eyes a few minutes to adjust to the brightness of the sun. As soon as it adjusted I jumped up and down like a little child who got a treat.
Of Course Logan stood beside me laughing that adorable growly laugh.

“Are you happy Rose?” he whispered.

“Yes..yes,” I shouted as I inspected all the beautiful roses amongst us,
Finally coming to a halt I looked at him.
I mean really really looked at him...

“Wow you're handsome” I shouted bluntly as I looked into his bottle green eyes, his blonde curly hair shone in the sunlight and red lips resembled the beautiful red roses planted in the garden. Before he knew it my hand was upon his face inspecting it gently.

Little spikes of hair pricked my fingers as I trailed them from ear to ear, his skin was as soft as a babies. My hands then moved down feeling his heartbeat.

“I thought you were a monster” I said out loudly without thinking
There goes this mouth again saying whatever comes to mind...

He laughed softly as he placed his hand upon mine, “everyone has a monster buried deep down Rose you just have to find it”

It was as though his eyes put a spell on me, they mesmerized me, I could not help but stare straight into them.

Breaking my concentration, “you must be starving my love” he whispered into my ear. All I could do was nod my head as I continued staring at him dumbfounded.
Just looking at him took my breath away.

He gently took my hand into his and slowly walked back into that dreadful place.
“Wa... wait, wait. I don't want to go back there Logan” I shouted loudly.

“It's not so bad Rose,” he said softly as my eyes began to tear up.
“No, no, Logan I don't want to be alone” I shouted as I tugged him back.

He placed his finger upon my lips and placed my hand upon his heart, “you are never alone Rose, I am always with you” he whispered. His heart thumped wildly in his chest which strangely calmed me down immediately.

Like a dog with a bone I followed him back into that God forsaken place.
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