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Double Alpha's domination

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There's evil lurking in the shadow watching your every move , waiting to launch its attack . But the will to keep your inner demons hidden and in check is another price on your head for the true nature shall reveals when the two opposite but powerful force forces entangle . Can there bond be powerful enough to bind their hatred to transform it to love . Be aware the end is near . Blood moon is a fearless pack and so is their alpha , Shanica Newell is a bitch, she loves Karma. She is nice when needs to. She's like a light switch, in splits of seconds she changes. Fearless, dominant, stubborn, ignorant, disobedient, and merciless are few words to describe her. She is the 3rd fearless alpha in the region of north America. Lucifer Derran , cruel, mean, merciless, disobedient, fearless and not a good listener is are just the few words at the tip of the ice berge that can associate his character. He's like a beast trap in a cage. He's a prince charm in the light and a beast in the night. He's the number 1 fearless alpha in the region of north America. He's the alpha of the Shadowmidnight pack.

Romance / Drama
Slay queen
Age Rating:

Characters description

Shanica Newell - Alpha of blood moon pack
Age :20 years old
Relationship: Single
Eyes : silver
Wolf- Devika

Chisel Gordon- Beta female / David mate
Eyes : dark brown
Wolf : Chrisana

Chrisana— Chisel's wolf

David Mills - Beta Male/ chisel mate
Eyes : green
Wolf: Davino

Davino—David's wolf

Devika- Shanica wolf

Marcus Stewart —Head of warriors
Eyes ‐ blue
Age 21
Relationship: Single
Wolf : Marcel

Marcel- Marcus' WOLF

Lucifer Derran— Alpha of shadow midnight pack
Eyes :gray
Age :24
Wolf : Marcelous
Relationship: Single

Marcelous - Lucifer wolf

Javel Mills - Beta
Age :20
Eyes : brown
Wolf : Javier

Javier- Javel wolf

Mr Jordan Derran- father of Lucifer
Age: 45
Wolf: Cleo
Eyes: dark brown

Mrs Jodyann Derran - Mother of Lucifer
Eyes : black
Relationship: Married

Mr Thomas Newell- Shanica grandfather
Relationship: Married

Mrs Claudia Newell-Shanica grandmother
Wolf: Claude

Sanjay Linday- Shanica Stepbrother
Eyes : blue
Wolf: Sam

Simon Newell Shanica brother

Stephanie Newell
Relationship: widow

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