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Love is a lucky thing~

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Finn moves to Manhattan to live a new life with his mom and dad something happens to make his new life better then the last :)

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Finn POV~
Hi my name is Finn Connolly. I just moved to America from Ireland a few days ago. I’m supposed to start school tomorrow at A place called forest grove high school. I can’t wait!
Jordan POV~
Ugh. I’m starting my freshman year in high school. my mom won’t stop bugging me saying “oh my baby is starting high school” I know it’s a big day and all but you can’t talk about it all the time.
Amy POV~
OMG TOMORROWS THE BIG DAY I CANT WAIT TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS. Ok Amy calm down.... I’m just so excited! I hope my friend Lisa is there this year. “Amy breakfast is ready!” I hear my mom say. Ohh I wonder what my mom made!
Lisa POV~
Ohh I can’t wait to meet all the hot boys at school tomorrow! I wonder if Amy’s gonna be there I hope she is. well I better choose the clothes im gonna wear to school I gotta be in top shape to get a boyfriend!
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