Love is a lucky thing~

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Chapter one

Finn POV~
Today’s the big day. I got to go meet the principal and get my schedule.
(Time skip to when he’s at the principals office)
“Hello principal Mason!” “I’m here to get my schedule” “Oh hello Finn!” Principal says. He hands me my schedule. I have history first period. Science second. French third. Lunch forth. Reading fifth. math sixth. writing seventh. and another writing 8th. (Time skip to class) I walk in the class and see one empty seat. I took the seat and tried to make a conversation with the person near me. He said his name was Jordan I said “hi Jordan!” he says “hey”
Jordan POV~
A guy sat next to me he said. “hi I’m Finn what your name?” I said my name was Jordan. he said “hi Jordan!” He said “do you want to be friends?” I said “sure” he looked really happy. That kinda made me happy. Then the teacher said we have a paper even tho it’s the first day. I said “ugh” he said we had to work in pairs of four and it had to be 2 boys and 2 girls . I was with Finn a girl named Amy and a girl named Lisa the teacher said we have to work on a story about “the Greek gods”like that’s boring .
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