Love is a lucky thing~

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Chapter 3

(Time skip a few weeks cuz why not lol)
Lisa POV~
I was on my way to class when I was stopped by one of the guys I was working with. he said “hi” I said “hello” he said “you wanna hang out after school-?” I rolled my eyes. I can’t believe he’s trying to make a move. Then again he look kinda cute so I said “sure”
(Time skip after school lol) he told me to follow him so I did (a/n irl DONT do this you could be kidnapped anyway back to the story) he took me to the mall and we stopped at a boba shop!?! I LOVE THOSE PLACES. i said “ I LOVE BOBA.” He smiled. We ordered some boba and talked for awhile till he looked at his watch and said “oh crap we’ve been talking for 3 hours I gotta go” i smiled and I said “bye and maybe we can do this again”he waved and ran out the shop. I sat and thought for a second.I got up left and went home. My mother asked me “where have you been for the past 3 hours?” I said “on a date she said “ok honey there is food at the table if you want some food then go to bed” i eat and went to bed and dreamed of him.......
Amy POV~
We worked and worked till it felt like five days had gone by till finally the bell rang. I grabbed my bag got on my bike and drove home and eat dinner with my mom she said : “ sooo do you have a boyfriend yettt” me: “mom it’s only been a few weeks” mom: “ok fine” me: “ finee i have my eyes on a boy named Finn” mom: “his name sounds nice” me: “ he’s from Ireland and he’s really nice” my mom smiled and said “r that’s nice dear finish eating and go to bed” I said “but-” mom said “I’ll do the dishes you go and get to bed” i smiled and said “I love you mom” she said “I love you too now get to bed”.
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