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Kiss by night falls

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💞My hot billionaire lover💕 You got stock with your hot sexy crush in a elevator for 6hours what are you going to do

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Kiss by night falls

it's 10:30am in the morning. You are in your office doing some paper work your boss give you. when your mom called that she lost her car key she need you to pick her up at the supermarket you go to tell your boss you have on emergency has you enter his office you smell on expensive cologne you knock at the door when you hear your boss voice said come in you enter has you are walking towards the desk you look up to see a strong body builder gentlemen not looking were you are going. You almost trip over the flowers pot you bring your self to focus as you take your eyes off him "excuse me how may I help you" said your boss oh sir I have on emergency at home I need to leave Asap you said has your boss reply "and what's the emergency " my mom lost her car key she need me to pick her up. your boss was about to reply when the gentleman reply and said "you may go" you look over at the men in shock with what he just said. excuse me you reply then the gentleman walk over and stand in front of you "I said you should go help your mom"reply the man confused has you are you look at your boss who nod is head has you turn to leave your boss said to you "be back in 20 minutes " yes sir you reply walking towards the door just has you walk around the corner you pop open the elevator door and enter when you hear a familiar voice said "hold the door"!! Just has you hold the door you see the gentleman that was in the office you again you reply "yes" said the man then you press the button of the elevator. standing so close to him you could smell is cologne even more just as you taking in is strong smell you feel the elevator shaking without thinking you grabbed onto is hand has you touch is hand it's feel so warm and soft you never want to let go just has the elevator stop you heard him say "good now were stuck " just then you realize what you were doing. You pulled away your hands fast has you reply am so sorry I never mean to "its ohk " reply the guy you start to crush on. ohk you said how are we going to get out of here just has you started to pull out your phone to make call you see that you were out of signal oh no now were stuck in here forever has you started to freak out "its ohk we are going to be ok someone will help us" said the gentleman who is going to find us no one knows that we down here you reply "they will soon my bodyguard will notice am taking too long" were is your bodyguard I didn't see them. "I told them to stay behind till am finish so what's your name" am sanika you reply and you are "oh am jason brown thought you know me" no I dont "well everybody knows me how come you dont" reply jason because I don't follow people you said "it's not about follow" he reply am the new owner of this company starting next week didn't your boss tell you" no he didn't you said. ohk sanika were you from oh am from new york but I move to los Angeles last two months "ohk nice jason reply what about you oh I was born and grow here am a billionaire that most people talk about that's why am surprised you didn't know me so any plan tonight he said just as you check your phone to see that's its 4:30 oh no mom!! You scream she must be wondering were I am "its ok I bet your boss called to let her know" just then you feel the elevator moving again were are safe you started to laugh with happiness and hugging jason this time you realize and he hug you back as soon has the door open you feel the breeze again taking in the breeze you heard your boss voice "sanika dont worry your mom is home and safe you may go home now too" thank u sir you reply as your boss walk off just as you looking for jason he was not around walking to your car you hear a voice said "you haven't answered my question" you recognize the voice and you look around at him on smile I wont be doing anything you have something in mind "was wondering if you wanted to have dinner with me" you smile and said yes just then jason walk over to you and kiss you melting away in is kiss you smile its a date reply jason as he walk away. The End

Written by Sanika Douglas,

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