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Pink is my Favourite Colour

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Sinnera is a whole bunch of things. Everyone around her is the same. But Atlas is something else.

Chantelle R
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Part 1- Everything was blurry but you

"I can't believe I had to sit through another shitty dinner with that woman!" I yelled.

Collin hoisted my arm over his neck, and used his other to support my waist.

"Sinnera, you need to stop taking whatever she says so seriously" he huffed.

His back was arched and he almost looked like a mean old man. I could barely walk on my own though. God bless you Collin.

After a horrific dinner with my mother and her new squeeze, I ran out of the restaurant. Forgetting I had pounded down at least 8 glasses of wine I had decided it was a good idea to fling my shoes off. Horribly, leaving poor Collin behind. Thus our current situation.

"Jesus Sinn I didn't realise wine gave you super powers, who taught you to run so fast" he groaned, while still carrying my brick body.

I was now at my limit. We had been walking for what it seemed like hours, and my stomach had been churning every step of the way.
I had a thing. I hated vomiting. It took too long and it was a nightmare. So like a completely sane person, I had been holding it in.
Suddenly I felt my stomach rise to my throat.

"Collllllinnnn I'm gonna be sick, go home please so I can look gross alone."

I unwrapped my arm from his shoulder and stumbled over to a nearby bush. Crouched over I tucked my short curls behind my ears and let out a wail. My stomach was moving around like waves and I could feel it coming up.

Collin stood behind me. "Sinnera, you can't-I can't leave you alone right now" he stuttered.

I could hear worry in his tone. But honestly it was too late I felt the vomit shoot out of my throat like burning lava. It splat against the floor, hard.

"Christ Sinn, I'll uh go get uh some water or like a cab or something!" Collin softly patted my head then ran into the near by pub.

I can't believe I decided to wear this dress of all nights. I knew before coming to this stupid dinner that I'd need two things. A hot dress and some backup. The dress to make me feel good & Collin, to also make me feel good. Collin knew my family and my mum really well. So naturally he was accustomed to her womanising ways. Still, being bent over a bush vomiting like a hose was gross. My black dress didn't seem very seductive anymore. Plus my expensive heels were thrown into the air somewhere, so I was now rocking a bare feet look. Could not get any lower than this.

"I'm trying to have my smoke in peace here buddy". A deep husky voice echoed through the street.

I turned my head slightly. A tall man hunched over the pub entrance was scowling at me. To my surprise he had pink hair. Not just pink but sort of spiky. Well it was jelled up enough. His eyes pierced down at me in disgust.
I waved a hand out, attempting to shoo him away.

"Well get in line, because I'm trying to splurge my guts out in peace buuuuddddyyy" I teased.

I suddenly felt my stomach boiling up like soup. And again another burn reached my throat, as I vomited up the remains of my dinner.

"Yuck, I thought girls in expensive dresses were too pretty to chuck like that" the man giggled.

I sat in horror. My stomach was completely empty. Finally. I attempted to stand, like a child who had just learned how to walk. The man threw his smoke on the ground and grabbed my waist. He supported my back up against the wall. Thank god I was finally standing.

I looked over at him, with heavy eyes. "Thanks".
Barely managing to get a word out. I held my stomach for support.

"Haha no worries, you looked like you needed it" this time he spoke with a softer tone, making me slightly uneasy.

I moved slightly away from him. "Hmph, well don't go getting any ideas, just cause I'm drunk and very weak right now doesn't mean I can't fight you".

I put my now spaghetti like arms up in a defensive pose. He opened his mouth and burst into laughter.

"HAHAHAH YEAH RIGHT, like I would hit on a girl who just threw up her entire intestines".

He managed to contain his laughter which was now a soft giggle. He moved his hands to his eyes, wiping his tears. He had a ridiculous smile on his face. Tch it pissed me off. He moved his head closer to my face. But the dark night made it hard to make out his face.

"Plus your hair is too short, definitely not my type". He snickered.

I could feel heat rising from my cheeks. Our faces still close in proximity I attempted to touch his hair. I managed to tug at a lose strand, sending his head to collide with mine.

"Ouch!"He yelped.

He put a hand on his forehead and started rubbing at the now red mark on his face.
I gave him a stern look.

"Oh so you're really gonna talk about hair? Was there a cotton candy competition going on that no one told me about ? I laughed.

He looked at me raising one eyebrow. The scowl on his face turned into a side smile. He sat back against the wall upright and grabbed a cigarette out of his jacket pocket.

"That was actually pretty funny" he snickered as he flicked the cigarette at me. To my surprise I caught it, barely.

The moonlight hit our faces. That's when I finally saw the colour of his eyes. They were brown. But not just any brown. Dark brown. Very dark brown. I couldn't quite describe them but, they looked just like dark chocolate.

"Wow, now I see why your hair is pink". I let those words slip out so effortlessly. I shot my gaze away from him in embarrassment.

My hands were now fiddling with the smoke this handsome stranger had given me. I built up the courage to finally turn to look at him. To my surprise he had a hand cupped around his face. He looked surprised. The moonlight hit his now rosy cheeks. Was he blushing?

He turned to face me. "Now who's hitting on who?" his lip curled in delight.

He had apparently composed himself enough to shoot his ego towards me.

I folded my arms together in annoyance. "Oh whatever I barked". I looked away from him, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

"Here, I'm guessing you need a light? he gestured this hot pink lighter to me.

I quickly snatched it out of his hand. As I began lighting my smoke I could see he wanted to say something.

"Look what's your-"

before he could finish I felt a hand slap my smoke on the ground. It was Collin, he had an angry look on his face.

"You don't smoke, idiot" he barked.

I looked at him with a hand pointed down at my smoke.

"Do you know how expensive smokes are Collin?!"

He proceeded to then stomp on it several times.

Collin had a flare for the dramatics. He then look puzzled for a moment, "Wasn't there someone out here with you?"

I looked to my right where pink hair was initially, "What the hell, he's gone!"

Collin furrowed his brows, "He? When I was watching you from the pub, hoping you hadn't died or something, I saw you talking to what I thought was a girl with pink hair."

He suddenly grabbed both my hands softly and looked up at me in innocence.

"Did he- did he try something Sinn?" he looked seriously worried now.

I threw his hands off mine.

"No you idiot we were just talking".

I wondered for a moment what that brief exchange was. Were we flirting perhaps?

"Haha no way, he said I wasn't his type" I said aloud to myself.

Collin combed though his shaggy blonde hair with a hand.

"Not his type huh?" he was now facing up at the dark sky.

I reached for his hand and pulled him hard. Leading our way through the streets.

"Woah what's with you, are you all better now?" he said.

I stopped in my tracks and turned to face his icy blue eyes. I wondered for a moment "Huh, I guess I am."
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