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Chapter 17

The family would spend hours at a time together, planning every aspect of the wedding, which they had set for January 28 in Cancun, Mexico. They had picked out and booked the location, the dresses and tuxedos, the flowers, the band and DJ, and the invitations. Alexa had been more than happy to be Kallie’s maid of honor, and was planning on coming to New York at the beginning of January to spend the month with Kallie and help with whatever she could. They would all be leaving a week before the wedding, and not coming back until the week after.

Kallie had booked 3 separate modeling jobs; 2 for clothing lines and 1 for a shoe line. She was getting better and better at it, and loved it more and more every time she finished a new shoot. Her latest clothing line shoot had even been published in a nationally known magazine, and more job offers had begun to fly in from that exposure.

On a warm October night, exactly 3 months before their wedding, Jack, Kallie, and Cam went out for the night, to a party thrown by one of the officer’s in Jack’s precinct, who was turning 30. It was being held at an outdoor bar in Montauk, right on the ocean. Kallie decided to take advantage of the warmer October weather and got out one of her short, fitted long sleeve dresses with wide stripes that highlighted her curves. She put a pair of wedge ankle booties on her feet and left her wavy hair loose. She didn’t want to carry a purse, so she tucked her cell phone into the long sleeve of her dress, where it fit comfortably and snuggly. Linc let Jack borrow the McLaren, and the three of them drove happily out to the end of the Island.

The party was in full swing when they got there; there were over a hundred people in attendance. Jack said hi to the birthday boy, Dave, and grabbed drinks at the bar for Cam and Kallie. He knew he wouldn’t have one drop of alcohol tonight, not when he had the keys to the McLaren. A large group of people, including Jack, Cam, and Kallie, were standing outside having a great time, when Drew came out from nowhere and grabbed Kallie. The crowd turned into pure chaos, and in a flash, Drew had drawn a gun from his belt and had unlocked the safety, pressing the barrel against her head. He had Kallie’s back pressed against his front, and his left arm held tightly across her neck while his right hand held the gun steadily to her head.

“Don’t move. Nobody reach for her. Let me leave right now with Kallie, and no one will get hurt.”

“I fucking knew it, Jackson. I knew he shouldn’t be trusted.”

“Shut up, Cameron,” Jack said sternly. He didn’t want anyone to set Drew off any further. Jack watched Kallie’s beautiful face, and the tears that poured down it. His heart was breaking, and he was so emotionally attached to this situation that he couldn’t think like a police officer.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone,” Drew continued, “but I will if I have to. I want Kallie; she was mine first and I want her back.”

“Drew, please,” Jack said calmly, “if you love Kallie, you won’t want to put her in any harm. Let her go.”“I’m not letting her go, Jackson; I want her with me. If you don’t let me take her, I’ll take her using force.”

“Just put the gun down, Drew, and then we can talk,” Jack said calmly.

“I don’t need or want to talk to you, Jackson. It’s your fault that Kallie’s been away from me for so long. I can’t spend one more second without her,” Drew said, and, squeezing Kallie tighter to him, he turned the gun on Jack.

“No,” Kallie pleaded, “You don’t have to do this. I’ll go with you.”

“Kallie, no-“ Jack started.

Kallie looked hard at Jack, willing him to understand her. “It’s fine, Jackson; it was only a matter of time before I went back to Drew anyway. Just let me go.” Kallie tried hard not to let her voice crack. She pushed back tears and lifted her chin up. “Let’s go, Drew.”

Drew held the gun on Jack as he pulled Kallie to his car and pushed her in. She stared straight ahead and refused to look at Jack. Cam watched the car as it sped away.

“I can’t believe she said those things, bro,” Cam said angrily.

“She was lying, Cameron; I could see it in her face. She was just trying to settle him down. We need a plan. I don’t want to follow them because it will freak him out. We need something better.”

“Okay. I’m game. What do we do?”

“I’m not sure yet. I need to go to the station and get my squad car and some other things.”

“He’s not going to bring her to his house, Jack. He’s an idiot, but he’s not stupid.”

“Yeah, I figured as much.”

An hour later, Jack and Cam were in Jack’s office, gathering things they thought they would need, when Jack’s cell phone buzzed to let him know he had a text message. He slid his thumb on the screen to unlock it, and laughed out loud at what he read.

“What’s so funny?” Cam asked.

“This. Look,” Jack said, handing his phone to his brother.

I’m okay right now. I have my phone hidden on me, Drew doesn’t know I have it. Find me, baby. Hurry. xoxoxoxo

Cam laughed. “How did she manage to keep her phone on her?!”

“I don’t know,” Jack said, quickly typing information into his laptop, “But I knew I could count on my smart, resourceful girl.” A map popped up on his laptop screen, pinpointing Kallie’s exact location. Jack unplugged the laptop from the wall, and he and Cam hurried into the squad car and began quickly following the route that led to Kallie.


Kallie didn’t know where she was. She didn’t recognize the area or the house itself. There must have been so much about Drew that she didn’t even know. When the car had pulled into the wooded driveway, Kallie discretely tucked her cell phone further up her dress sleeve so Drew wouldn’t know she had it.

Drew stopped the car in front of the house, and reached over to caress Kallie’s face. She tried not to recoil away from him.

“I’ve missed you, baby. I’m glad that you can finally see that I’ve changed and that you should come back to me.” Kallie stared directly into Drew’s eyes, and she was suddenly terrified. Only one thought flew through her mind: He is genuinely insane.

Drew brought her inside and unlocked a cellar door that was padlocked from the outside. Odd, she thought.

“I’m only doing this for now,” Drew explained to her, “Until we get everything worked out.” Kallie wasn’t sure what he meant by that, and it didn’t make her any less nervous.

He led her carefully down the cellar stairs and made her sit in a corner. There was a single shackle cemented into the wall, and as soon as Kallie saw it, she knew she was in way over her head. Drew looked at her expectantly, and she quickly offered him the hand that wasn’t concealing her cellphone; she didn’t want him to grab the wrong arm and take it away. He chained her to the wall, and caressed her face once again as if to say ’I’m sorry, but I have to.’ He climbed back up the cellar steps and closed the door behind him, leaving Kallie in the dark. When she was sure the coast was clear, she fumbled her phone out of her sleeve and quickly texted Jack. She knew that once he realized that her phone was hidden on her, he would be able to trace her location and he would be there to get her. She hated that she told him that she belonged with Drew, but she hoped that he knew that it was all a ploy so Drew wouldn’t hurt anyone. Kallie shifted on the floor so that her shoulder and back was more comfortable. She knew that Jack would arrive with guns blazing, and she tried to clear her head enough to formulate a good plan to keep both of them safe.

Kallie heard a cough come from the other side of the room, and she froze. “Is someone there?” she asked timidly.

“Don’t-Don’t hurt me,” Kallie heard the voice answer.

“I won’t hurt you; I’m being held prisoner. Who are you?”

“My name is Samantha. I don’t really know how long I’ve been here; I just know it’s been a long time.”

“I’m Kallie. Drew doesn’t know I have my cell phone on me; I just texted my fiancé so he can activate the GPS feature and come find me. He’ll save you too. Don’t worry; you’ll be out of here tonight.” Kallie took her phone out of her sleeve and illuminated her face so Samantha could see who she was talking to, and who she was now trusting with her life.

“Oh my gosh. You’re Kallista,” Samantha exclaimed.

“What? You know me? How?”

“Danny has pictures of you all over his house. He’s like, obsessed!”

Kallie paused. “How do you know Danny?”

“Danny and I met at a party about 5 years ago. He was dating you at the time, and he had this crazy obsession with you. We started hanging out, and one night we got drunk and slept together. I found out I was pregnant soon after, and after I told him, he made you go away. A few months after I gave birth, Danny took my baby and left me down here to rot.”

Kallie’s mind was reeling. “Samantha, are you Declan’s mother?”

Samantha sniffled. “I am. Have you seen my boy? Is he okay?”

“I saw him over the summer. He’s great. Despite the lunatic that Danny is, Declan is a happy baby. So sweet.”

Kallie could hear Samantha crying. “I’m glad to hear it. I thought I’d never see him again, and you’ve just given me hope that I might.”

“You will. Don’t worry. When Jack gets here, it will be Danny that is left to rot in a jail cell, and you’ll be able to hug your baby. There’s still something I don’t get though. Danny brought you here, but he didn’t bring me here. And you said he sent me away, but he didn’t. I broke up with him, and then I left Kingston with someone that I had met.”

“You left with Drew Roberts,” Samantha said simply.

“Yes. How did you know that?”

“Oh, Kallie. I can’t believe you don’t know all this, after all this time. Drew and Danny’s older brother were college roommates, and best friends. Danny and I slept together while you two were still dating, and the guilt from the whole thing drove him insane. He was crazy about you, and the fact that I was pregnant made it a sure deal that you would be so upset that you would leave. He thought that if he made me disappear, you would never find out and the two of you could be together. And then you broke up with him anyway, and it messed up his whole plan. He asked Drew to come around and ‘sweep you off your feet’, and then turn on you when you were attached. Danny thought that if Drew was so awful to you, you would run back to him. But that backfired on him too, because you stayed with Drew. And then when he saw you with your fiancé instead, that really made him mad at everyone.”

“How do you know all of this?”

“I didn’t know anything, until recently. Everyone is gone from Danny’s life, except for Declan and I. He’s been coming down here, and talking to me. More like talking to himself, but he thinks that if another human being is around to listen, that he isn’t really crazy. I’ve never seen Declan, and I honestly don’t know where he is.” Kallie could hear Samantha sniffling, and knew she was still crying.

“Dec is okay, Samantha; I can honestly say that Danny has taken good care of him and truly does love him, even if it’s just in his own sick, twisted way. I’d bet he feels guilty knowing what he’s done to you, and that gives him the need to take care of Declan so well. My head is spinning with all these details; it’s like the last 6 years of my life have been a lie.”

“It seems that way, doesn’t it? Things work out in the strangest ways. I’m just glad you came along tonight. I’d almost given up on seeing the light of day again.”

“Don’t worry; Jack will be here soon. He’ll make everything okay,” Kallie said firmly, trying to convince both Samantha and herself.

Kallie and Samantha sat in silence for a while, just happy for the company of someone else in this stressful time. After what seemed like hours, Kallie heard a loud commotion upstairs. She and Samantha froze so they could listen. They could hear shouting and scuffling, and a few loud bangs. Kallie hated that she had no idea what was going on. She could hear footsteps coming closer to the door, and then a loud crack as someone kicked the cellar door in. Cam came pounding down the stairs, looking frantically for Kallie.

“I’m here, Cameron!” Kallie shouted.

Cam rushed over to her, and when he realized she was shackled, he searched the basement until he found a sharp bolt cutter that would cut through the metal. He snipped the shackle off of her, and Kallie rubbed her aching wrist and shoulder.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?” Cam asked, rubbing her shoulder briskly.

“I’m okay, Cam. Samantha is not, though,” Kallie explained, pointing to the corner. Cam took a flashlight off of the shelf and shined it in the direction that Kallie was pointing. Finally, Kallie could see the girl that she’d been talking to, and she was in bad shape. Her long, dark hair was matted and in need of a serious washing. Her clothes were torn, and she was dirty and pale.

“Who is that, Kal?” Cam whispered to her.

“That’s Declan’s mother. I’ll explain later,” Kallie answered, and Cam’s jaw dropped. He took the bolt cutters and freed Samantha; she was locked in from her ankles instead of her wrists. As soon as she was released, she began sobbing and threw herself thankfully into Cam’s arms. Cam picked her up and carried her up the cellar stairs, and Kallie followed them.

The main floor of the house was in chaos. There were officers everywhere, and both Danny and Drew were pinned to the floor, multiple guns pointing at them. Jack and two other officers had Drew pinned uncomfortably to the floor, but when he saw Kallie, he immediately stood up and rushed over to her. Kallie flung herself at him and snuggled her face into his neck, sobbing.

“It’s okay, baby, it’s alright. I’m here,” Jack said, running his hand down the back of her hair. He was too focused on Kallie to even notice the other girl, but Cam brought her outside to where an ambulance was waiting. The officers handled the situation inside, so Jack brought Kallie outside for some fresh air. He cradled her head against his chest, not wanting to let her go. Jack carried Kallie to the ambulance to be checked over, and he noticed Samantha for the first time.

“Oh my God, who is that? She looks familiar,” Jack asked.

“Her name is Samantha,” Kallie explained, “She’s baby Declan’s mother.” Kallie proceeded to explain the whole twisted story about her, Danny, Samantha, and Drew to Cameron and Jackson, while the paramedics looked Samantha over. They decided to take her to the hospital overnight; she was showing signs of severe dehydration and exposure. Danny had revealed to a police officer that Declan was with his mother, and an officer told her that he would personally drive her there in the morning so she could pick up her son. She explained to Kallie, Jack, and Cam that her parents lived in Kingston, and they had most likely assumed for the past 4 years that she had run away with Danny. She couldn’t wait to go home to her parents and explain everything, and to introduce their grandson to them for the first time.

The paramedics checked Kallie over, and deemed her in well condition. The ambulance took Samantha to the nearest hospital, and two separate police cars brought both Drew and Danny to the police station to be booked on a multitude of charges. At last, only Cam, Kallie, and Jack were left in the driveway, with Jack’s squad car and each with a headache. Exhausted, they got into the squad car and drove back to Jack’s station, got into the McLaren, and made the short trip back home. It was almost 2am, and the three of them could barely keep their eyes open. Cam went right to his room, and Jack carried Kallie up the stairs to his- which was practically now their- room. They each climbed into bed, and Jack pulled Kallie close to him and wrapped her up in his arms.

“I’m sorry for this, Jack; this was all my fault,” Kallie said sadly, “If I hadn’t wanted to ‘fix’ Drew, we never would have gotten into this situation.”

“I totally agree,” Jack said, laughing softly, “But think about the good that came from everything. You’re safe, Drew and Danny were exposed for the con artists they truly are, and you found Samantha. She owes her life to you, Kallie; you saved her.”

“No I didn’t. You did. If it wasn’t for you, we would both be in that cellar still.”

Jack pulled Kallie closer, dreading that thought. “But if it wasn’t for your quick thinking in how you handled Drew, and how you were able to keep your cell phone a secret but still reach out to me, someone would probably be dead. More than one person, most likely. Learn to take a compliment, baby. This victory was all yours.”

Kallie snuggled her nose into Jack’s bare chest. “I shouldn’t have said that to you, Jack; I shouldn’t have told you to let me go.”

Jack kissed the top of her head. “Kallie, even if you were 110% serious about that, I still would have come found you. It would not be that easy to let you go.”

“Don’t let me go, Jack.”

“Never, baby.”

“I love you; thanks for finding me.”

“I love you too, sweetheart; I would go to the end of the world to find you. Go to sleep, Kal.”

Kallie kissed Jack’s chest and closed her eyes, allowing her body to relax. In moments, she was fast asleep in Jack’s arms, the only place she had ever felt safe.
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