Midnight Texter

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Star has been receiving these random texts for months on months now,and she is fed up with it,she will try discovering who this stranger is while she is going through her own problems at the same time. What will she do when she finds this stranger? Maybe fall in love. Read if you want to find out.

Romance / Mystery
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Midnight is always when a text comes through my phone from an unknown person

Midnight is what they told me to call them.

I had been receiving those texts for a month now, and here's how my story began...

One day I came home from getting out of my boyfriend's truck to go take a bath and then bed.

I had just come back from going on a date with my boyfriend.

I had gotten out of the truck, shut the door, and waved goodbye before he pulled away. I then got inside and took my shower before I lay down on my bed.

5 minutes later, I was about to fall asleep when I heard my phone buzz.

I took it off my nightstand half asleep.

I had typed in my password before going to text messages.I had looked at the id. It said, unknown person.

I still decided to open the text though and read the message.

The message had said 'love you, goodnight Star. Love, Midnight.'

After reading I was confused and thought this person texted the wrong person, with the same name as me? Well, I just decided on ignoring it before looking at the time and realizing it was 12:03 am.

I had put my phone back on the nightstand charger before falling asleep once again.

(But, oh, how wrong I was though when I thought that this person texted the wrong number, I soon found out that this would be going on for a very long time...)

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