Midnight Texter

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Chapter 9

'I was in Jales truck on our way to meet Dr.Tuffin. We were about 10 minutes away from his house with the radio blaring, when Jale stuck out his right arm and turned down the music so it could only be heard if we were really quiet. I looked at him confused reaching to turn it back up but he stopped me by speaking, before I even rose a finger. I continued looking at him waiting for him to speak, he sighed."I am nervous" he said holding my hand. "What for?" I responded,squeezing his hand "I know you'll do great" I reassure. "Thank you" he says squeezing my hand back before letting go and putting it back on the steering wheel. "and I'm sure you'll be fine for later." He says before turning the music back up. I smiled before looking back out the window worrying about what will go down when we get there.

2 months ago
It has been a month since school got out. Karsen and I decided on going for vacation this summer. We planned on going to Los Angles since we both love the sun and the beach. Today we were packing up all day so we could head out early tomorrow morning. After putting the last of clothes in the bag I put it in the car before heading inside to be pulled in for a kiss. Kissing him back roughly filled with desire, we ran towards my room him locking the door quickly. I jumped on the bed pulling my shirt off before he came on top of me and started to kiss me again. Kissing till we couldn't breath he started to nibble on my ear then my neck before reaching my breasts.
He started sucking them which caused me to moan. Moaning for what felt like ages he, started to moved down to my belly, then reaching for my pants he started to undo them. Once he was half way pulling them off I realized what we were doing, getting nervous I push him off before standing up, putting my clothes back on "I'm going to take a shower" I walked into the bathroom locking the door. I went to the sink turning the facet on, I threw some water at my face before taking my clothes off again and getting in the shower. Once turning on the hot water I started thinking. OMG! I almost did that. But it was so irresistible. Uh! I'm still a virgin and he knows that I want to wait for something romantic. I groaned now washing my hair thinking about what to do when I see him after this shower. Lets hope he is asleep,I pray before continuing my shower.
Stepping out of the bathroom with the same clothes on I see him still sitting there looking at his phone. When he hears the door shut he looks up at me tapping at the spot next to him for me to sit. I slowly make my way over. Once seated we sit in quiet for a few minutes before he starts speaking. "I'm sorry" he held my hand looking deep into my eyes. "No it's fine, it's just that you know I want to wait." "Yes, I do and for that I am truly sorry, I just got caught up in the moment." I give him a peck letting him know he is forgiven but to remember what I said. He smiled looking back down at his phone with a worried face.
I looked over his phone to see that he got a text. I started reading but before I could even finish the first sentence he turned it off. Sighing I get under the bed covers saying good night to Jale then falling asleep.
I wake up to a pinging noise. Groaning I open my eyes to see Jale sleeping with his arm over my waist. I slowly move it before reaching for my phone on the night stand. Turning it on I see the time. 12:01 am. Upset that the Midnight Texter had to text me tonight I hit my phone before unlocking it to see what he had to say this time. 'I see you almost made love.
That is suppose to be for me...Wait for me.' I groaned exiting his text use to his pervert ways. I was about to put my phone back down when I heard it ping again. 'I know you are ignoring my messages, but they are all true. Getting annoyed I texted him back 'shut up u perv leave me alone. I push send before putting my phone on silent then heading back to sleep.
At 6 am I wake up to my alarm ringing. I yawn sitting up, looking around I see Jale is not in here but hear the shower running. Slowly getting up I get my clothes on before heading to the kitchen to make toast for both of us. My mom says good morning before she leaves to work. 10 minutes later Jale comes down with a whiter t-shirt and brown shorts on.
He sits at the table, I give him his food before sitting next to him."You know it is cold here right?" I ask him once seated. "Ya, but I gotta be prepared for when we land" He said in a duh tone, I rolled my eyes him smirking. We then went back to eating in silence for a while before I looked up at him. He looked nervous. I then decided it was nothing before continuing to eat. After 5 more minutes he decided to speak.
"Hey Star um" "So you know how we were suppose to go on vacation today" I looked at him suspicious "Yes?" "Well we have some issues" "How many?" I question raising my eyebrows. "Well number 1 the flight got canceled due to the unexpected whether change last night. 2 I just found out that some thing is wrong with me from the doctor and I have an appointment at noon today.
"I sighed upset, but taking deep breaths realizing our safety and health is better than a trip we can always reschedule. "Thank you for telling me, I'm not upset just worried about you" I smile standing up before walking over to him and giving him a hug.

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