Midnight Texter

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Chapter 3

The next day I woke up excited even though I went to bed late last night.

I was excited about being able to see my boyfriend all day and being able to tell my friends at school about are engagement.

I jumped out of bed with a huge smile on my face.I skipped all the way to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I finished up in the bathroom and then skipped to my closet to change my clothes for the day.With a smile on my face I choose black pair of Jean's with a few holes in them along with a white crop to that was half sleeve half t-shirt.

I pulled the shirt on before putting my hair up in a ponytail and walking down to the kitchen island and making some toast and cereal before sitting down at the table and taking a bite of the toast.

"Hi honey,sorry I slept in today,had a really busy day at work yesterday."She said sighing putting toast in the toaster.

"Its fine mom!" I said jumping up from my feet with a huge smile on my face.I went and hugged her before going to pick up my backpack off the ground.

"Why are you so happy?"She asked me sitting down at the table while I was now zipping up my bag.

"Mom you'll know later tonight,I promise you.I said smiling and hugging her before saying bye to her and leaving for the bus stop.


I got into school walking to my locker putting my bag in it before taking out the stuff I need and heading to first hour class.

I sat down on my chair waiting for class to start thinking about how I probably wouldn't see my boyfriend and friends until lunch.Uhhh I have to wait 5 more hours until they all know about Larsen and I.

I whined in my head before once again remembering that I am engaged to Karsen,so I smiled again thinking about that thought and looking at the teacher who just walked in yelling and slamming his papers on his desk,because more then half of the class didn't turn in the first assignment that was dew last night.

I smiled knowing I turned that in before last hour yesterday because I finished it in one of my classes.I laughed silently in my thoughts before listening to what the teacher was saying.

It was now 1 hour before lunch and I was getting more excited as time got closer.I was now in science and was not really paying attention to what the teacher was saying I instead was looking down at my ring on my left finger that Jace gave me yesterday after I said yes.

I studied it and was awing at how beautiful the ring was.

I must have been looking at it for a long time though because I heard the teacher yell out to me.

"Are you on your phone Ms.Hisley !"She yelled at me.

I have always not liked her she always picked on me,and always thought I was on my phone.(Which I was but still)

I looked up at her and galred before answering back.
"Actually its soon to be Mrs.Hirtle"I remarked smiling at the thought of becoming his wife soon.

"and,I am actually admiring my ring."I relpiled holding my left hand up for her to see.

She gasped"You are to young to get married,you are what 17!"She yelled at me and I thought old fashioned much.

"Yes"I said slowly

"Get out of this class,I do not welcome people like you in here!"She yelled before walking back to her desk frustrated.

I had my mouth open and said something back before I started walking towards the door.

"What do you mean people like me?"She didn't respond and just started teaching the other students again.

I sighed before starting to push the door open when I heard somebody say something which made me stop in my tracks and stand by the door waiting for what would happen next...

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