Midnight Texter

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Chapter 4

I stopped in my tracks waiting by the door to hear what was being said.

"If she leaves I leave too!"Some boy declared yelling and standing up walking towards the door.

"Sit back down Mr.Sirkle!"She pointed at him.

"No,you old fashioned moose!"He said rolling his eyes.
"Mr.Sirkle!"She warned.

"NOPE!"He said.
"Mr.Sirkle,their is nothing you did wrong except stand up and defend her!"She now had her full attention on the boy and me.
"And theirs nothing wrong with me defending her,especially if I am apart of modern day things too!"

"What do you mean"She asked confused.
"I am gay,and I also have a fiance!'He yelled at her,tears down his cheeks now,with a half smile.
"You get out!"She yelled at me"you are a bad influence,you have turned my favorite student into somebody like you!"She screamed at me,and I felt offended for what she said,it was his choice to be who he is,and it doesn't matter if he loves somebody so young they are in love and if they grow apart when they're older thats are fault I thought.

"and you Jarry get out with"She smudged up her face."It!"She screamed pointing at the door.

He sighed,"Ok,I wouldn't wanna be your favorite person anyways!"He said kinda sad since somebody who has Favorited him for so long is disowning him because of who he really is.
"He came and stood by me before we both walked away with each other to the office.

We got to the office and sat waiting for the principal.

We sat there for a couple minutes when we saw a bunch of students coming towards us.

They were all from my class.I was confused as to what they were doing.

"Hey"One kid yelled at us while they all came and either stood or sat next to us.

"Hey,John"Jarry yelled.He must know this other kid.

Jarry said high before we were all quiet before I spoke up.

"What are you all doing here?"I questioned with a confused look.
The guy named John responded."Well once you left with my bestie"he said pointing to Jarry."We all stood up against the teacher and left her class,so now she has no one there."I smiled before he continued.
"So when the principal comes out we are going to get her fired.We will fill him on what happened and she probably will get fired for being against a student.Plus you know are Principal is Trans. so that might just help."He said nudging me on the shoulder.I smiled before thanking him for what him and the rest of the class did.


I heard what happened during your science"Karsen said smiling and giving me a peck on the lips.

I smiled"Ya very interesting"

We both laughed before sitting down at our main table with the rest.

We talked with eachother for awhile before Karsen and I said that we had something to announce.

They all quieted down and looked at us.I smiled and then sighed before saying."So last night Karsen and I had a date and drum roll please!"
They all started drumming on either the table or there bodies
They all stopped,"We are engaged!"I yelled smiling and holding up my left hand.

"What,I am so happy for you!"They all yelled in usion before all laughing at what they did.

I smiled bigger before each one of them came and gave me a hug before congratulating me.
Noah asked me if I told mom yet."No,but tonight I am making dinner and bringing grandma and grandpa over for dinner to tell them"He nodded before saying"And by you making dinner do you mean me?"He said with a smirk,I sighed"Yes"

He smiled and they all said see you later before congratulating me one more time and hugging me before leaving for there last couple classes of the day.


"Noah!"I screamed"Is dinner ready?"I asked
"5 minutes,scream any louder!"He yelled back when I just finished setting up the dining room table.
I scream louder"Gosh dude"He said before shutting up when the doorbell rang.
"Come in!"I yelled knowing who it was.

"Hey,love"He said after walking into the house and giving me a quick kiss.
"Hey"I responded."Please have a seat I said pointing to the chair in the corner where I was going to sit next to.
"Yes,mam"He smirked teasingly.I rolled my eyes before he went and sat down and I went to sit next to him but before my butt hit the chair Noah yelled"Come help me out sis!"I once again rolled my eyes and said I'll be right back to Jale before going to the kitchen to help out Noah.
Everything was now on the table and everybody was there and taking the food that they want.

We all talked for a little bit about things like school to my grandparents,or things about if my brother is in a realtionship yet which her denied but I saw the hesitant.I thought I'll ask him later.

After an hour of talking my mom asked what we had to announce that was so big.

So finally I announced the thing that will change my life forever.I sighed"Karsen and I are engaged."I held my breath when nobody said anything.I looked around at the older folks and they all were frozen with a huge smile on there face.I was very confused to what they felt.

After a minute my grandma screamed.everybody covered there ears."OMG I'm going to be a great-grandma now!"I blushed and Karcen whispered in my ear"Maybe"while holding my hand.

"Calm down hun,you'll have a heart-attack"Grandpa said to her hugging her,I hoped that karsen and I would be like that someday.I smiled
She calmed down before coming over to us and hugging both of us,and after she did that my mother and grandpa did the dame thing.I smiled knowing that they accept it.

After they had told me how happy they are for us,we talked for awhile and I even told them about the incident that happened at school today.

"The nerve!"my mom said upset.

"The nerve!"My brother repeated her,they both looked as if they were to murder somebody.
"It's okay though,she is going to be gone by Monday,the principal agreed to it."I said which calmed them down a little.
"Ok"My mom said.I smiled before I changed the topic quickly to my planning my wedding.


"Bye"I hugged my grandparents before they left around 9pm.
"Bye"They replied back before heading to there car and driving off.
I turned around to see Karen behind me and smiled before thanking him for being here before he kissed me and left with a goodbye.

I smiled about how the night went down,and turned to walk to clean up the table.
I finished picking up the table when my mom came up to me"Goodnight love,I am heading to bed now,don't the lights and the doors are already locked"She said kissing my forehead and hugging me before I said goodnight and she down the stairs to her room.

I turned off all the lights and headed upstairs,I was about to enter my room when I saw the light on in my brothers room.

I knocked twice before he said come in.

I walked in and saw him sitting on his bed drawing something I smiled since I haven't seen him draw something in years even if he's really good at it.

I went and sat next to him looking over his shoulder and saw him drawing somebody,I thought that I reconized who that was I just couldn't put my finger on it.

"Hey"I said leaning my head on his shoulder."Hey"He whisped back.
I sat there watching him draw for awhile when he sighed and put his notebook down.
He turned and looked at me before telling me another surprise that I wasn't expecting today.
I guess today was the day of surpries I thought.
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