Midnight Texter

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Chapter 5

I guess today was the day of surprises I thought.

I sat next to my brother looking at the photo trying to figure out how I knew who he was drawing. I sat there next to him for a while when he looked up from his painting after adding details to the hair. He looked at me and I looked back at him he sighed before saying"Sis you won't be disappointed in me if I tell you something important, Will you? I replied back"No, never whatever it is I know I can handle it. Please tell me at your own pace" He smiled quickly before his face went back to being nervous. He took a couple of deep breaths before saying what he wanted to get off his chest.

"I am gay."I looked at him in shock for a while he continued on."I know I don't look like it but I really am sis, please don't get mad" He rambled on for a couple of seconds before I smiled and interrupted him"

"It's ok," I said hugging him. He hugged me back after a couple of seconds after realizing what I was doing."Thank you" He whispered while hugging me."For what?"I questioned back."For accepting me"I smiled while I felt wetness on my shirt. I looked down with my eyes and saw that he was crying, and I just smiled more before saying"You're welcome, but remember I love you no matter what you look like or feel like, I love you, bro."


After a couple of minutes of us hugging in silence, we have now pulled away and he wiped his face before he sat back down and picked up his drawing and started to draw again. I looked over his shoulder leaning on it again and it finally came to me who it was he was drawing. I smiled and lifted my head off of his shoulder. He was drawing the kid who helped me earlier at school.Jarry.I then remembered what that kid's name was and what he said when he was yelling at the teacher.


"And theirs nothing wrong with me defending her, especially if I am a part of modern-day things too!"
"What do you mean"She asked confused."I am gay, and I also have a fiance!"

End of FLASHBACK-----

Fiance, I thought Fiance! I then screamed out loud jumping up and down in my brother's room. I yelled "OMG! You've engaged congrats!"He stood up taking a hold of my shoulders calming me down. When I was finally calm and we were sitting back down on the bed he replied back to me."First of all, how did you know, and secondly yes I am"He said smiling.

I pointed at the picture he was drawing before saying"The person you are drawing is in my class and when you were drawing them I saw how happy you looked. At first, I couldn't recognize who it was but now I've figured it out." "But how did you know It was him, he's not out yet?" he questioned with a confused look on his face.

"Oh, I didn't know that, it's just that during science today my teacher found out about me getting engaged and her being her she yelled at me to get out because it wasn't quote on quote natural. I sighed before speaking again"So Jarry stood up for me saying that he was gay and was also engaged to somebody."

"OMG! I can't believe how hard that must have been for him, since that's his favorite teacher, I have to call him to see if he's ok!"He started freaking out"Sis please leave he said walking over to the door and opening it while having a little bounce in his legs. I walked over to him hugging him one more time telling him to calm down a little bit before I took my hands off him giving him a small smile and then leaving for my bedroom.

I got to my room and sat on my bed thinking everything over about what's gone on these last couple of days with a smile on my face. I heard a ping from my phone which got me out of my thoughts. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time and I became nervous. It was midnight.
I opened my phone before looking at my notifications and seeing it was a text message. I tapped on the notification and it brought me to my texts. It was from the unknown midnight texter. I sighed lying down on my bed before starting to read what he had to say tonight.
'Heyyyy stary';).it said with a winking face at the end. I didn't reply back to see what he said next.

After a couple of seconds, he texted 'Why won't you answer me love #Sad face'

I then decided on texting back after a couple of seconds of thinking it over.'Hi, are you going to tell me who you are now?'


'Ok, then stop texting me, or tell me who you are, but I'll find out either way.'

'Love, Ha, love that's a funny word. I loveeee you sooo much and someday you be mineeee!'

I laughed at that a little before remembering who was texting me.'Are you drunk'

'You are, so instead of texting me go to bed.'
No, let me come to your house and we can have fun instead'
'Ewe no, plus I don't even know you or anything.'
'Goodbye,' I replied getting annoyed and tired. I put my phone down and turned to my left side and fell asleep thinking about how the one comment made my heart flutter, and that I will find him soon.

I woke up yawning and then sitting up. I stood up and stretched before sitting back down and looking at my phone. I saw the time and omg I was late, like by 3 hours. I sighed taking my time to go through my phone I looked at my notifications and I saw that I had 8 new messages, the midnight guy sent one, my mom sent 5, and my boyfriend sent 2 messages to me. I first looked at the midnight guys' text.

1:08 am
'Not goodbye, it sees you soooon' 'See you soon lovey Star'I cringed at that while my heart started beating a little faster. Why I don't know.

I got out of that message and went to Jales' messages.

8:03 am
'Goodmorning,love you star'
'Star please pick up my phone calls, I went out of my messages and went to my calls and saw that I had 5 missed calls, I sighed before going back to my messages and texting Jale back.
'Are u ok, love you' I then went to my mom's text messages.

9:20 am
9:30 am
'Star wake up, answer my calls!'
'Come on, answer my calls!'
Come to the hospital on Jay's street, I started to get ready quickly while finishing the rest of her texts. I was nervous.
'Karsen got into an accident!'
'Where are you at, the doctor told us he doesn't too good.'I panicked and put my phone in my back Jean pocket before I ran downstairs and opened the front door to our house and then closed it before I ran the 4 blocks to the hospital.

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