Midnight Texter

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Chapter 6

I entered the hospital out of breath,but still continued to run until I reached the front desk.
I said"Hello,Can you tell me what room Karsen Jale Hirtle is in?I said out of breath tears in my eyes.
"Mam please calm down"The lady at the front desk said while typing in the name I gave her.I took a couple deep breaths calming down.
"While she was typing she asked me"What is your relationship with them?"I said"I am his fiancee" "Ok,he is in room 215,Go to your left and then their is an elevator go up to level 2 and go straight to find it.She said smiling at me before going back to her work.
I thanked her before running to the elevator.I pushed the up button waiting for the elevator.When it opened I stepped in and saw that somebody else was there.
I smiled at them being kind but not wanting to talk to them,I was to busy thinking about Karsen,and if he was okay.
But instead of them just smiling back they started talking to me."Hey,I am Midsen"He said putting out his hand for me to shake.I snapped out of my state and smiled at him,realizing that this guy us beautiful.He had grey eyes,a well built body,and black hair that is messy.
"You done staring"He smirked and I looked at him embarrassed."I was not staring"I said defending myself."uh huh"He said not believing me,I just let it go though.
"Anywayyy"I dragged out"My name is Star" "High Star nice to meet you."He said"You to"I replied before looking forwards and we stood there in silence for a couple seconds before he asked"Who are you visting,may I ask?"
"It is fine,I am visiting my boy- I mean fiance he just got in an accident" "I'm sorry"He replied his voice sounding sorry but his eyes were a different story."Anyways,who are you here visiting?If I may"I asked looking at him.
"I am visiting my mom,and an old friend"He replied."Oh,sorry"I said rubbing this strangers arm,I for some reason felt comfortable talking to.
"It is fine"He smiled patting my hand
The doors opened when he took his hand away,which I felt an empty hole in my stomach for some reason.I walked out."Goodbye Stary"He winked when the doors were closing"I gave a confused face before forgetting it and walking down to door 215.

I knocked twice on the door before my mom opened it.
She hugged me and I broke down crying.A few minutes later I pulled away asking"Will he be okay?" "Honestly honey I don't know"She said."Come in"She said her arm around her shoulder.
I walked in and saw him laying on the hospital bed.I walked over to him and held his hand.He had a big bruise on his face along with some small scars,then his left arm and right leg was broken."Hey kar,I hope you get better soon"I said,and when he did not respond I started crying leaning on him."I love you"I cried.
I heard somebody come in and saw the doctor.I went up to him and asked him what happened to him" "Well,he was backing up in a Jelwery store and somebody came fast and hit him."I gasped"Is there any broken bones?"I asked."Yes mam,He has 2 broken ribs and their was a little brain damage but we already did the surgery,and he is fine"He smiled before saying he had to go.
I sighed knowing we was fine.I sat down on the chair in the corner and I fell alseep.
1 hour later---------------
"Mam,you gotta wake up"I heard somebody yell,I woke up suddenly.I stood up and frantically asked what was going on."Mam,he is going into a seizure,you gotta leave" "No,why!"I screamed now crying."Mam,please leave for we need to be able to concentrate on him, call your family they left 30 minutes ago."I nodded leaving and sitting out in the hallway before taking my phone out and calling my mom to come here.
"My mom got here and hugged me telling me everything will be okay.I nodded trying to believe her.
2 hours later-----
We have been sitting here for two hours and we have not gotten a report on him.I sighed,before looking up to see my mom coming towards me,she went and got us some food from the cafeteria.
She sat beside me handing me my food.I thanked her taking it.I put the spoon up to my mouth from the yogurt,and took the bite.
15 minutes later-----
I finished my meal 5 minutes ago and right now I don't feel very well.I held my stomach feeling like I have to puke.
I suddenly ran to the bathroom that I found out was around the corner.I got to the toilet just in time.I puked my guts out.5 minutes later I finished puking and stood up slowly going to the bathroom sink.I looked at my face that was now pale.Before I washed my face and added water to my mouth before heading out only to see my mom crying hard.Iwalked up to her and asked her what was wrong."Honey,their is no easy way to tell you but-"She paused before telling me to sit down and I did.She Sarah beside me"Honey Karcen he,he died 7 minutes ago,apparently the seizure was horrible and they had no way to help fix it.I'm sorry hon"She said hugging me and I am now crying hardly.I hugged her back just crying their for a couple minutes.
2 days later---------
I have been in my room for the last two days upset.We learned that Karcens funeral is in 2 days from now.Today I decided to go outside,and so I did I went outside and read a book.An hour later I went back inside and made myself something to eat.While taking my second bite I remember what the midnight texter texted me two nights ago
It was now midnight and I was still in my room crying.
I heard my phone ping so I took it and looked at the message I just got.

Hey stary,I love you.
I hope you dont feel to bad what happened to your boyfriend😪
I had to so you will love me!He said and my face went white,he did it.

Why would you do that!I texted them angry,I WILL FIND YOU,and put you in jail!I said
Honey,no you won't and plus I did not do it.But you should check on your boyfriend😉.He says and I start to panic.I know it was you!I reply before getting out of his messages and going to call the doctor.I was about to call him when my moms name showed up saying she was calling me.

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