Midnight Texter

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Chapter 7

I answered my moms call.'Hey honey,I got some news to share with you please sit down somewhere close to you'She bombarded me right away.I sat down on my bed and told her I am sitting.'Honey,Karcen is alive!'I cried wait what he is alive but how?'How?'I ask my mom.'Well I don't know yet we were told to come to the hospital tomorrow to find out.' 'OMG!'I was happy with tears of joy.So that night I went to bed quickly to be ready for tomorrow.
Next Day--------------
I woke up at 8am and got ready to the hospital,my mom called at 820 saying she would pick me up and would be here in 10 minutes.I quickly finished getting ready.
I was now grabbing an apple from the kitchen when I heard my doorbell.I went to the door and opened it.
"You ready?"It was my mom."Ya one sec"I went to grab my purse before we left for the hospital.
We got to the hospital and we were told to go to the office buildings.We wentto the office buildings and the receptionist their told us to walk down the hallway until we see number 118.
We got to room 118 and the door was closed.My mom knocked on the door and 5 seconds later the doctor answered the door.He told us to come in,I walked in and saw somebody behind the doctor."Mams please sit" he said.My mom sat at the big office desk on the left and I sat across from her.The doctor was still in front of the strange person blocking are view from them.The doctor started talking.
"So as you know Karcen is alive and he is well." I asked "but how,it is impossible for somebody dying to come back to life!" "Yes,it was impossible" "What do you mean was?"My mom asked taking the words right out if my mouth with us both looking confused.The doctor sighed before explaining farther."Well his parents gave us concent to put his body through this process that we have been working on for years,and your boyfriend was the only one to survive."He then moved out of the way.There was karcen.I ccried with joy before running to give him a hug.I hugged him and he hugged me back.I was happy"Hey Star"He said smiling.I pulled away and said high quietly.The doctor started talking again."Now there may be side affects,like puking,and or memory loss.I nodded my head before the doctor left and said they would check up soon.My mom then left saying that she would give us some time alone.
We stood there in silence for a while after my mom left."I missed you alot"I said,he smiled at me"I missed you too."
I smiled before we stood there in peaceful silence together.
5 minutes later----------
My mom came back in along with the doctor.
"Now,why dont you ladies go get yourself some lunch,and call Jales parents,we have to do a few more checks before he leaves."The doctor said leading us out of the room.
I smiled before heading to call his parents.They were excited and crying saying they will be right there.I then went to the cafeteria to get a sandwhich.
Once I finished my sandwhich I went back up and saw Jale and his parents reuniting,so I decided to go see if I could call my brother to come here.
After I got off the call I saw that Jale was done,so I headed over to them.We talked for awhile before I headed home and fell alseep.

....I heard my phone ping and I woke up.I looked around and saw the clock day 12:01am.I groaned.I grabbed my phone on the nightstand and opened it.I tapped on the message

From midnight texter:Aren't you glad your honey bunny is alive agian?He texted.

Me:What did u do?
Midnight texter:Nothing,why would u think that🤔

Me:Because you are evil

Midnight texter:Only for you😉

Me:Uh!I cant deal with you!

Midnight Texter:To bad you got me.Love you stary.Goodnight.

I groaned upset not knowing who this person was and why he was texting me.I put my phone back down before cuddling up and falling back alseep.
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