Midnight Texter

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Chapter 8

Threw the rest of the week I stayed home with Jale catching up with him and just spending time together.
It was now Monday once again.I woke up with a yawn excited for it was Jales first day back after the incident.

I got up and started getting ready.After Just finishing up my buttons on my Jean's I heard the doorbell knowing it was Karsen.
I smiled and went to open the door.We said hello and he gave me a quick kiss before we left for school.

We got to school and out of the truck.We started walking up to the school,with me smiling and us holding hands.Once we opened the doors we started hearing whispers everywhere."I thought he died" "Heard he was being used as a science experiment" and more.I looked up at Jale and saw him upset and sad.I squeezed his hand before leaning up to his ears and telling him that they don't know anything and that it will be okay.

He smiled back before relaxing some,we then separated each other to head to our own lockers which his was on the other side of the school while mine was only down the hallway.

A couple hours later and it was now lunch time.I went and got the pizza that was being served before looking around for a seat.A couple seconds later I saw Jale waving at me smiling.U smiled back before walking over to him and the rest of the group who was already there,except for I did not see my brother.I sat down next to Jale,him giving me a quick kiss before turning back to the group.

After my brother arrived and me asking him where he has been(which he was with Jarry....to much details bit needed to be said ever again.) anyway,Jale told his story after my brother came in and I held his hand the whole time.Once he finished everybody was surprised for like 10 minutes before they started asking questions and were really interested,so after that everything went back to normal.

It has now been a week and everything was back to normal expect for the fact that the midnight texter hasn't texted in 2 days,which I kinda missed even though I shouldn't. Anyways I still have been going to the police for more info about this midnight texter. They have not found anything yet,but I am determined to find something,so I kept on trying to get in contact with this person but they haven't even responded in two days,which is a good thing hoping that he is finally done with me,but for some reason I got use to all the texts and wanted them to continue even though I knew it was wrong.

I heard someone yelling,and soon realized it was at me.I snapped out of my thoughts and listened.Right now I was at the police for the 3rd time this week.

"Mam,are you okay"Officer lending said holding my shoulder softly with Detective Halter beside him.I smiled before nodding my head.Officer lending smiled letting go.

"Okay,back to the point" The detective said."Aright,so as you were saying yesterday you have not received messages from this person in 2 days and none last night right?"The officer said "Yes sir"
"And you're sure mam?" "Yes"I replied nodding.He hummed before looking down at his notes for a minute.
"Well mam,since he has not been in contact,I believe this case is over for now"He said smiling.I looked at him in disbelief,it was over after months of them doing this,and only after two days of no texting they say the case is closed.

I started crying upset.Before running out of the building and down the ton of stairs until I reached home.I went to my room and sat on my bed before starting to though things around upset.'How could they do this,uh I hate them.' I sat back down on bed 'I must find somebody else to help.I must or else my life will be over'I kept these thoughts until I finally fell alseep.

It has now been another week and I have not got no texts which was a good thing.I was able to have more time to myself and not always wake up in the middle of the night.I was content with life knowing that he was away and I could now spend time with family and friends freely.

Today was Saturday and I was sitting on my couch with the news on and and scrolling through Instagram.I was looking at Jojo Swias new haircut,I double liked it before scrolling to the next picture of Justin Bieber at a concert.I was about to like it when I heard what the news was talking about.I was interested so I liked quickly before putting my phone to my side and turned the volume up on the tv.

"Breaking news"The reporter said."Billionaire and Scientist/Doctor Madin Tuffin has been badly injured in a car accident 2 weeks ago. Dr.Tuffin as we said last week was in a coma and we didn't know if he'd would survive."I gasped,I have heard about this guy.I heard that he first started his company when he was 21 and now at 25 living in the big city of LA as an amazing doctor along with starting at one of the biggest Companies of science and technology in the world,and is now the COO of there company.I started listening again.
"...yesterday we have now been notified that Dr.Tuffin will survive and be out by next week."That's today story.now back to Joe."I stopped watching after that and got back on Instagram wondering why that part was particularly interesting.
With most of my worries gone, the next day I spent with Jale. We went to a restaurant before heading to a movie about comedy,and then we separated till the next day...That is how the rest of our final school year went.Going on dates, going to school,and still trying to find the Midnight Texter.

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