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A short-story about love, anger and betrayal of a young innocent college girl.....

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Chapter 1(The Reunion)

My first day at school was terrible till I met my crush..
Omg!! I don't even know how to describe him,unfortunately he didn't take a look at me but I was happy though.
I'm Eva and I just got an admission to the university to
offer a degree program in bachelor of law which practically makes me a fresher.
Well, I was all alone and bored since I was the first to arrive in my room.I decided to arrange my stuffs and lay my bed.
Someone entered which I assumed to be a roommate;Richeal that's her name. We started chatting and all but had to leave. To be frank, she was super cool,pretty and I liked her vibe.
Later on, the room became a little lively when my other two roommates arrived making us four.
Lily and Marissa were also cool just that Marrissa was
somehow shy.
I decided to call my friend Mandy if she would be coming
any moment from now but I got disappointed at the end.
Mandy and Jessica are my high school friends so I thought
they would be around for a girls night out but seemed impossible...I then decided to facetime my other friends to cheer up.
Marrissa the shy girl started a conversation later as I got to know her better. It was getting late so we all decided to take our sleep.
I woke up the next day happy since I had company and
yesterday was kind of fun. I gave them a smile and went to
take my bath.
After my breakfast, I took a walk around
campus and it wasn't that bad like I imagined. lucky for me I
met an old friend and we decided to go to the mall to shop
for school and it was exciting.
We got back with my friends from my Alma mater waiting for me, Mandy was in the room before mine so I knew I would be seeing her often as compared to Jessica
whose hall was far from us.
I introduced my friend to my
girlfriends that was when I realized that his friend had an
interest in Mandy. I just couldn't stop laughing, it was funny cause she already had a boyfriend.
Before they took their leave they asked us for an outing
in the evening... "Yes"! we all replied and ended up
laughing. We all helped Mandy to settle in then to take
our bath for the date,we had our makeup done and we
looked fantastic. To me I was impressed cause the guys
also looked good..well my friend drives so it was okay for
us going out late.
Our first stop was at a Chinese restaurant after that we got to the pub just for a while
and left to get pizza, few drinks and ice cream. It was
1am in the morning and it was getting late so we headed
back to school as we said our goodbyes.
Indeed it was a great saturday night we got back so tired and sleepy that we all slept in my room, on the floor to be precise.
That was it, the next thing I saw......

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