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Chapter 2 -WET

“Iho, Mr. Veleches is waiting for you in your office.” A soft voice greeted us the moment the door opened. Her face brightened like candlelight when her eyes landed on me.

“Cara, Alina, mi sei mancanto tanto!” The woman squealed and pulled me into a tight embrace. I smiled warmly. My heart swelled at the gesture. She didn’t hate me, then. My eyes stung, feeling like any moment I’d burst out into tears. She sniffled

“Nana Mena, I missed you too.” I kissed her cheek and she returned the kiss on my forehead. She’s warmhearted and a sweet woman. She treated me like her own child though she never had one. In her 50′s, working in the house was menial for her. She knew her footing in the house and all.

“You should rest. You must be tired.” Her eyes warmly ran over my face, “I knew that one day you’d come home again, Neonata, I didn’t stop thinking about you. You made me so worried.” She sniffled and that pierced my heart.

“I’m so sorry, I was-”

“No, do not say it. Sono così felice che tu sia qui and that is more important, Cara Alina.” (I’m just so happy that you are here.)

“Thank you,” I told her softly.

“Take her to her room, Nana Mena.” He said and marched to his office. Jaw stretched tight. A grim line formed his lips that always made him look so distant and cold.

I sighed. He still hated me.

“Do not worry. I know he is happy, ” Nana Mena said. I doubt that. “You need to rest, Neonata, I’ll call you for dinner, yes?”

I gave her a nod and smiled at the woman in front of me. She always made everything light and easy.

She led me to the room which I recognized most. Nothing had changed, as if I had never gone somewhere for a long time. I inhaled a lungful of air, feeling strangely good. I felt at home. My mind began to wander back to those days. I was completely down in the dumps and disheartened, yet now, that heaviness before was somehow lifted off my heart.

I need to run a bath.

When the water was warm enough, I got rid of all the clothes I wore and cleanly folded them and put them into the hamper. I slid my body in the water and I moaned at the feeling. The warm water soothed my tensed muscles. I had been worn out and anxious for the past weeks. I knew I was restless.

My mind drifted back to earlier events. It was overwhelming. I never thought he would find me again. A month without him, not hearing anything about him pained me, but I knew it was for the best. The best for him. Not seeing me would spare him from the pain I caused him. The thought hurt me as much. He had been giving me a cold shoulder and it hurt, I admit, but I no longer deserve any of his attention, after all the things I’d caused him.

Why did he have to find me then? What now?

A bubble ascended and I touched it, amused to see it pop. Smelling the scent of the vanilla milk, I added more of the liquid soup. It smelled wonderfully delicious; it was relaxing. My head swayed as I took my time rubbing my skin while humming to the song I played in mind. How I loved the warm water over my skin. Satisfied with the amount of time I spent rubbing my skin, I finally let the back of my head rest on the edge of the tub and closed my eyes.

As this way felt more palliative and soothing as the bubble coated my whole body, my mind wandered off to places I found pleasantly tranquilizing. I leaned even further.

Until I drifted off.

“What the fuck are you doing? I knocked several times, Alina, and here I found you sleeping in the tub?!” His deep, furious voice echoed within the walls of the bathroom, causing my eyes to flutter open. I jolted upward. Startled. I hadn’t noticed I dozed off.

In a state of stupefaction, I quickly stood up and got out of the tub. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I was just bathing.” My heart raced in rhythmical thrash at the intensity of his stare. His jaw clenched, making me swallow quietly. He looked angry.

His frozen grey eyes scrutinized me. I would have mistaken the conspicuous emotion for lust but- I sucked in a breath through my mouth when the realization hit me like a dumper truck- I was freaking naked in front of him! I felt all the blood in my body rushing north centering on my cheeks, making my skin florid.

Flustered, I quickly covered my nakedness with my hands, hoping I had concealed what had to be concealed. One went to cover my lower region and one clasped around my globes. I groaned in frustration. So much for covering with my hands, my breasts still spilled out. God, just kill me.

Feeling mortified, I didn’t know where to cast my eyes as embarrassment overwhelmed me. Thus, shutting my eyes close was a good flight while I felt the water in my body commenced to a feverish cold.

“Alessandro...” Came my breathless voice.

“You finally said my name.” His husky voice sent a wonderfully creeping sensation to my core. He was right, I had never once uttered his name since he found me.

“Why Cara?” His soft voice egged me on to open my eyes, to look at him, but I just couldn’t. I’m naked for fuck’s sake and this isn’t the time for declamation.

I keen. “Alessandro, I’m naked for pity’s sake, and please...don’t look at me,” I breathed. My head was shaking.

I barred my eyes open, but my gaze was cast on the floor as I thought about how to get away from this situation- to sidestep? Or go back down the tub or might as well run for the door, but he was in my way.

My cheeks felt so warm. I had a feeling I was of the same color as a tomato now.

He chuckled. “I’m looking at you, Cara.” He whispered, taking a step and I did one backward but my leg hit the side of the tub, which clearly told me there was no way I could trick the situation. “Uh-uh. Will you run again like a mouse or you’ll let this esurient cat catch the runaway mouse that you are?” The threat emanating from his voice was apparent.

The movement he made was pinning me, making my body bend backward, and if I didn’t move away or hold onto something I would fall down in the tub ungraciously.

I gasped loudly when he circled his right arm around my waist, pulling me, causing my breath to hitch. The action allowed my breasts to wiggle their way out of my hold as I had to clutch onto the front placket of his shirt. He didn’t even care that I saturated the white shirt he wore.

“Alessandro, I’m... I’m naked,” I muttered, trying to sound angry, but it came out breathy, like a purr, and I hated myself for that.

“I’m very aware of that.” He whispered close to my ear as his hand went lower, dragging the radiating heat from his palm, leaving wild prickles on my skin.

My eyes shut. I whimpered when his hand squeezed one of my rears. His head dipped where my neck and shoulder connected and sucked the skin. An involuntary moan escaped my mouth. He chuckled huskily. I was still clutching onto his front placket for my dear life.

When his hand glided up and slowly palmed the skin on my hip to my abdomen and then lower, my breath quickened. His hand wandered dangerously close to my private part, where I eagerly wanted him to touch it. Until his fingers found my soft curls. I couldn’t do anything but swallow thickly as I took a ragged breath. I whimpered when his fingers played with my curls and that alone sent a liquid heat down my thigh.

He sucked my neck achingly as his hand drew circles on my abdomen while occasionally tugging my curls. The excitement and anticipation his palm created down there was past bearing. Touch me, there. My mind screamed. It was so erotic, and damn if I didn’t wish him to go further and do more than just teasing me.

I breathed in short pants. My body trembled at the anticipation.

“Please,” I sounded sexually unrestrained and I knew that he knew what I was asking for.

“Hmmm...” He just hummed and continued sucking on my neck lightly, this time, pecking and licking his way lower and lower down on my breasts, and I could feel that he was deliberately avoiding my two pink areolae. He was definitely teasing me!

I was about to say something when his hand palmed me, eliciting a wonton groan out of me. His index finger slid up and down my slit. The wet sounds should have embarrassed me but I wasn’t; it added fuel to my heightened senses and I became more excited. It felt so good.

Suddenly, his warmth left me. And I whined in disapproval, my eyes flickered open. A ghost smirk played over his lips. He was holding me at arm’s length to steady me, knowing that what he just did must have done a good fucking job on me.

“Dinner is ready,” and with that, he left me dazed, flustered, and beyond sexually frustrated.

“Dammit,” I felt like throwing away whatever my hands could hold. I couldn’t stop cursing internally. I could still feel his touch down there. However, beneath the circumstances, embarrassment and perturbation settled in the pit of my stomach. What is his game?

I sighed and braced my arms around my body. After everything, I still want him.

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