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You’re sick! {SAL FISHER X READER}

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Romance / Horror
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Chapter One: Murder


My name is irrelevant but if you must know, it's (Y/N). I am an average high school student with some crazy obsession with serial killers and horror stories. I live in a small apartment in a town which is presumably unknown to the rest of the world but it's cozy I guess.

Despite my interests I am quite popular around the school, I hang around the average preppy girls and jocks with no brains. Everyone knows of me but doesn't really know me, I have mastered the art of telling people things about me without actually letting them know me.

I do have close friends though, none of them are too popular with people if we're being honest.

Ashley Campbell is the only real female friend I have. She's also my only friend who doesn't live in Addison apartments. She has long brown hair, fair skin, green eyes, and is always wearing purple.
Next we have Todd Morrison, he's a bit of a nerd but still a good lovable friend. He has curly red hair, Pale skin, brown eyes, and circle shaped glasses.
Lastly we have Larry Johnson, who just so happens to be my very best friend and twin brother. He has long dark brown hair, brown eyes, a really pointy nose, and is always wearing sanity Falls merch. Despite us being twins we look nothing alike.

With the descriptions out of the way, I should probably fill you in on what's happening in my current situation.

"Come on (Y/N)! It'll be fun!! Just this once come to a party with us! You can even bring your weirdo friends from the apartments"

"I told you I don't like parties Ally"

Ally Nelson, short for Allison Nelson, the most popular girl in school is begging me to go to a party her football for brains boyfriend is hosting in the woods on Halloween night.

Me being the horror fanatic I am knows that parties in the woods on a night where fake blood and masks can be worn freely is a bad mix. That's basically asking to be killed!

"Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Ally's begging just keeps getting louder and more annoying at this point and I let out a frustrated sigh.

"Fine fine I'll go, but my friends are coming with and you will not try to set me up with some random sports brained jerk again"
My conditions are simple and I probably could've gotten ally to do a lot more in all honesty but I'm not one to be cruel.

"DEAL! I'll see you tonight at eight! Dress in costume" and with that the cheerful red head walks away from me.


"A party huh?" Ash says as all of us are gathered around in my bedroom getting ready.

"Yeah, I promise we don't have to stay the entire time. Ally wouldn't stop begging me to go because it's Halloween night and she swears it'll be fun"

"Do you think Maple and Chug are gonna show?" Ash asks while playing with my magic eight ball.

"Probably not, you know those two hate social events" Todds voice rings out from the door way which he is now standing in.

"Glad you could show up Todd. Now let's go it's almost eight!" I usher everyone up and out of the house so that we can start our drive towards the rather large vacation home the party will be held at.

"Ya know we all could've gotten out of this if Larry would've came. Speaking of why didn't he?" Todd asks me curiously while focusing on the road ahead.

"Mom had made Larry go help Mrs. Sanderson with something so he couldn't come. He definitely wanted to though" my response was simple and cleared all curiosity the group had.


"Alright gang we've arrived. Remember, don't trust anyone and don't drink anything in the main rooms." The group had rules when going to parties hosted by populars. Now yes, ash and I were considered popular but we were still at risk being friends with Todd and Larry.

"OH MY GOD!! (Y/N)!! You showed up" ally's familiar high pitched voice could be heard from the front porch and she rushed over to me as quickly as possible.

"Of course I did, I told you I would did I not?"

Ally was dressed as a cat. She had a tight black dress on, black heels, and cat ears. Typical high school costumes.

"Come on!! Let's get you a drink" she starts dragging me into the house and I gently wave at ash and Todd before disappearing through the large doors.

"Ally you know I don't drink." Ever since an incident I refused to drink alcohol. Of course Larry and I would still smoke weed and get high but alcohol was off limits for me.

"Ugh fine! How about we go talk to Travis and Jason then?" Ally didn't give me time to reply seeing as she was already dragging me towards the two boys.

Travis was blonde with tan skin and an overly cocky attitude and jerk habits. Where as Jason was a brunette with tan skin and wasn't as bad as some of the jocks in terms of personality.

"Johnson, did you bring your freak show with you?" Of course Travis had to open his ugly little religious mouth.
This boy was always out to start trouble and he knew what buttons to push.

"Well Travis I didn't bring you with me so I'd say there's no freak show of mine here" the smirk was evident on my face as was the shock and anger on his.

Travis and I didn't always hate each other though. We actually dated at one point, that was short lived once he met my brother who of course hated him the minute he saw him.

High school started up and Travis has turned into the biggest dick ever. Believe it or not he was sweet at one point in time but something changed him.

"(Y/N)! We have to go like now." Ash gripped onto my arm frantically with a look of worry that I'd never seen.

"Why? What happened?"

"Mrs Sanderson was just murdered"

Just like that my face dropped and I ran out to the car with Ashley and Todd. My brother was in mrs Sandersons apartment what if something happened to him? What if he's accused of killing her? Oh god what if he did kill her!

My thoughts were cut short seeing the police cars surrounding the apartment and my mom standing outside waiting for me.

"Mom! What happened? Where's Larry?" My questions are frantic as are my movements as I look around me.

"He's inside his room sweetie. He won't talk or come out"
And with those words coming from my mothers mouth I sprint into the building. Something was wrong with my brother and I needed to find out what it was and fast.

There was always something strange about the Addison apartments. Something eerie that just shook my bones to the core. Mom always told me I was paranoid and Dad had said the same when he was around. But Larry wouldn't tell me his opinions on the matter. Now that somethings happened he's finally got to feel what I feel about this place.

"LARRY! OPEN UP ITS ME" my voice was hoarse and I was audibly out of breath but I needed to get to him.

"Go away (Y/N). I don't want to talk" Larry's voice was monotone. Nothing like his normal tone. He was obviously shaken up but I couldn't just not know.

"Lar, I can't just not know what happened. You have to tell me so I can be of help to you" my voice was softer this time as was my gentle knocking on the wooden door.

There were soft movements and then a small book was slid under the door. Nothing was said and the lights in his room turned off.

The book was his journal, when something made Larry feel out of it he'd write it down, he must've written what happened in here.

I sigh and pick up the book, walking to my room and locking my door behind me. Something isn't right about this place, never was and never will be. But there's one thing I know for sure about Addison apartments, and it's that things are just going to get weirder.
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