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Can you turn Silver Can you turn Silver into Gold?

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In a desperate attempt, Selin Silver left her life behind and fled from Hawaii to the mainland in hopes she would escape from her trauma and slip away from the Devil himself. A fresh start with her roommate and best friend, Tyler, could be her only hope to stop the nightmares and help her move on. She wasn’t looking for a relationship or nearly ready for one, but the Gods had other plans for her. In the form of Siren, the surf goddess, and Mr. Gold, the knight in shining armor billionaire, the Gods will give Selin a chance to change her fate. Will she be able to make a choice and steer her life, or will the Devil from her past get to her first? ~~ Age Rating: 18+ ~ Original Author: HerMagesty (Andrea Hannan) ~ Beta Reader / Editor: Thallow ~ ~~Copyright ©2021 HerMagesty All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission from HerMagesty

Romance / Erotica
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Trigger warning ⚠️

Trigger Warning: This story includes sexual violence/rape and all types of abuse. If these are a trigger for you, I suggest finding something else to read. This is my outlet, for I am a survivor. ~~

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