The Instructor

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The main characters are not always going to be major.

Romance / Mystery
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Introduction to main characters.

Amanda Becket: A second year dancer. she is twenty years old. she has beautifully tanned skin, long blond hair, hazel nut eyes and is 5'6 in height. not only is she a dancer, but is also the school's model for their magazines. She just have issues on the whole and think she is better than everybody in the school for some reason.

Isabell Evergarden: A beautiful nineteen year old brown skin girl. hoping that she get accepted into the ballet academy, so that she can fulfill her dreams of becoming a dance instructor. she is short about 5'1 and has beautiful light brown eyes and long curly dark brown hair. She lives with her brother and her mom.

Jason Mcwells: Male dancer. He is 6'1 very tall and has red hair. Nice tan skin and green eyes. He is twenty years old and is also on his second year dancer meaning that he been professionally dancing for 2 years. He is filthy rich but he just wanted to do him. He don't know where he's headed with this dance thing if he make it.

Adam Agustin: He is the dance instructor. He is 24 years old only a little older that a few of his students but still gets all the respect needed. He's about 6'4. You will never see him do ballet but he never fails to teach it. He has beautiful tan skin and marvelous brown almost golden hair, his eyes minty blue as minty as they get. And he is always dressed in a suit for some reason.

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