The Girl That Was Broken Series Book 2: ICE

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I am the daughter of Karan and Rage. My dad is the new president of the Jagger Mc. I am 19 years old. I am considered a bitch. I do a lot of reckless things. I race cars, and fight under the name of "Wolf". I am in love with my dad's VP. But he just sees me as a kid. He is six years older than I am. I do things to piss him off. I decided that if he does not want me then I don't want him.

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Chapter 1: The New Club House

I followed mom and dad on my bike. We drove into the new compound of the new clubhouse. I noticed the stares I was getting as I turned off my bike and took my helmet off. I let my hair flow down my bike.

I got off the bike and looked at mom and dad. I turned and looked at the truck pulling my car trailer parked at the side of the garage. I walked over and lowered the ramps then jumped into my car and backed it off the trailer.

I drove it over and parked it in the garage that dad told me to. As I got out and locked it I noticed a very good-looking man watching me from the garage.

I pulled out a cigarette from my jacket lit it and walked toward mom. Once I reached her we followed dad into the clubhouse. We sat down at the table a prospect asked if he could get me something to drink.

"Coffee with half and half please."

Just then the door opened that man from the garage walked over to the table and sat down. "Rebel the moving truck just arrived."

"I thanked the prospect as he placed the coffee cup in front of me."

"Ghost, I want you to meet my daughter. ICE this is Ghost my new VP, Ghost this is my daughter ICE."

"Pleased to meet you Ghost."

"I stared into her eyes and I was in love. She had beautiful eyes that drew a man in."

I watched as mom told the prospects which room to take the boxes too.


I looked over at my dad.

"Yes dad."

" I have a few of the men putting your rings up so they should be ready to be tested in about two hours."

"Thanks, Dad, I will check them out when they finish."

I sat and looked at Ice. My cock stirred and I was looking at her and asked, "how old are you Ice?"

"I am 19 years old. why?"

"No reason."

I turned and looked at mom. "Can you show me, my room mom, I would like to start unpacking?"

Instead of my mom showing me dad asked a prospect to take me to my room. "Ice I think you will like the rooms we have given you."

I stood up and followed the prospect across the room and down the hall. He stopped at a door at the end of the hallway. He unlocked it and opened it.

We walked in and he handed me the key.

"This is a suite of rooms. You have a small apartment."

"I will leave you to look around and unpack your things. I hope you will like it here. He said before walking out the door and shutting it."

I walked around and noticed I had two bedrooms, a bathroom in each room, living room, and Kitchen. This is really nice. I chose the biggest bedroom and it overlooked the garage and backyard.

I started to unpack my boxes and I sat outside in the hallway along the wall to be gotten rid of. Soon everything was unpacked and put where they belonged.

I walked out to the kitchen and saw that I had plenty of food, and coffee along with beer. I made a sandwich and made coffee before walking into the living room.

I sat down in the chair and placed my plate and cup on the table. I turned on the TV and decided to watch "Divorce Court." After eating I washed my plate and pour myself another cup of coffee.

I walked over and looked out the window. I had lifted all the windows to let fresh air in. I lit a cigarette and saw Ghost working on a car.

I sat and looked at him. He is very handsome. I looked at the tattoos on his chest, back and arms. I took a breath. I know that I am going to make the biggest mistake of my life if I don't stay away from him.

I have not wanted a man as much as I want him. I saw him look up at me but I quickly looked across the fields at the horses running around.

I remembered her eyes. She had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. She had long hair to her waist and she has an attitude.

I heard that she takes risks with her life. That she does not listen to anyone and she is hard to get along with. I turned my head and looked at the prospects working on something called the rings.

I have no idea what they are. But I would like to find out. Rage told us she will be out shortly to test them. We are all looking forward to watching her. When I turned back to look at her window she was not there.

I walked to the bedroom and put on shorts and a tight shirt. I put on flip-flops and walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to the door. I opened it and closed it behind me before walking down the hallway and across the bar.

"Dad I am going out to check the rings."

"We will go with you he said."

As mom, dad and I walked out the front door we walked over to pull the mats down to the ground. I then took off my flip-flops moved over and unhooked the rope holding the biggest ring. I turned on my music and put the straps around my wrists.

Dad and mom were sitting on chairs as I cleared my head and then started working with the ring. I did not notice other members had stopped working and were watching me.

I leaned against the car and lit a cigarette watching her. She is good, and the way she had that ring swinging. She moved so fast you could hardly see her moving.

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