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The Girl That Was Broken Series Book 2: ICE

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Chapter 2: Training

I walked over and stood next to Rebel.

"Rebel does she do this for fun?"

"No, she competes and she has won several competitions. She is in second place."

As the music started to end we watched as she slowly lowered the ring to stand on the ground.

"Well her dad asked?"

"Everything is good. They all did a great job putting it up."

" There was nothing to worry about but one thing I need to check."

I watched as she sat on the ring and then pushed to swing up to the beam.

The next thing I knew she was back on the ground. I watched as she walked over and tied the ring to wall, then moved the mats back. I noticed she had a six pack, her legs and arms are very strong.

I also noticed that she did not look at the members. It was as if to her they were just here. She was not interested in any of them. But, on the other hand, I noticed several of the single members looking at her with lust.

I then heard her tell her dad and mom that she was going back to her room to change and then go into town. We all watched as she walked back to the clubhouse.

"Ghost, I want to talk to you in my office please."

We walked into the clubhouse and down to Rebel's office. Once there I shut the door and walked over to sit in a chair in front of the desk.

"Ghost I know something is on your mind what is it?"

"Rebel I didn't want to say anything but I feel such anger when I look at your daughter."

I saw Rebel smile.

" Is that right?"

" Do you feel anger or are you pissed she acts like none of you exist in your world?"

"You want to get to know her but she is not trying to get to know you."

"I understand she just got here but, there is something that pisses me off where she is concerned Rage."

I sighed.

"Ghost, Ice has a temper, she is impulsive at times, has anger issues, will push buttons, and self sufficient."

"She has grown up in Beasts clubhouse, she has seen a lot of things that pissed her off. Including watching the claimed members cheat on their woman."

"To be honest Ghost I have a feeling that someone has hurt her and she does not trust men."

"Rebel has she ever had a boyfriend?"

"Once when she was in high school. He was our enforcers son. They dated for three years then she came home from work one day early and found him with one of her friends in bed."

"We were not there at the time. She shut down after that."

"She only stayed close to Roxie. She would not let anyone else get close to her after that."

"As for dating, she does not date, don't get me wrong Ghost. Ice does trust some men, she loves her godfather, Knuckles."

"She goes out dancing sometimes, but she spends most of her time racing, and fighting."

"So if you are interested in her you will have to earn her trust. Once you do that, you don't want to break it. If you do it is over with."

"She doesn't like liars, cheaters, or men who hurt women in anyway."

"She will speak her mind and she doesn't care if you like it or not."

"Ice will tell you what she thinks about you and she will not mince her words."

"She also will not let you get close to her. Another thing, if you want her stay away from the whores."

"If you want to get your noddle wet go to another town but not here."

I stood up and said, "Rebel I never said I was interested in your daughter."

"You keep telling yourself that Ghost."

I watched him walk out of my office grinning. It is going to be just like having Lightening and Knuckles all over again. The only difference is I will never do to Ice what Army did to Lightning.

Lightning will be the next president. Unless she wants her claimed husband to take over for her. However, she will set in at Church and have the final say.

I don't care what the other presidents have to say. They can kiss my ass. Ice is intelligent, strong willed, and can fight. Her uncles have seen to that. If someone wants to take her or take her down they will have one hell of a fight on their hands. Ice can take down some of the biggest hardest men I know.

I looked up from the bike I was working on and watched Ice walk over to her bike and sit down. Those fucking jeans she has on made my cock twitched again.

I watched her start her bike and ride out of the compound towards town. Stop thinking about her Ghost. You are 25 years old. She is 19. You are to old for her.

I looked up to see our enforcer Reaper leaning against the car looking at me.

"What do you want Reaper?

"You like her don't you?"

"She is to young for me. She is 19 years old."

"So what?, So you are six year older than she is who cares?, she is an adult."

"I can't do it, Reaper. She is to good for me. I heard him laugh."

"You don't know who she really is in the ring do you?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"who is your favorite female fighter? You know the one you are in love with but do not think you could ever meet her?"

"You know damn good and well her name is "Wolf"."

I looked up at him and stared. Reaper was laughing at me.

"You really don't know who she is do you?"

"Ghost, that is "Wolf" and you didn't even know it."

"The hell she is."

"No it is here, didn't you notice the wolf tattoo on her hip?"

"You don't believe me do you, lets ask Rebel."

"Rebel, is it true that Ice is known as "Wolf" in the fighting ring or not?"

"It's true, she is known as "Wolf", not to many people know that."

I sat back on my legs with my mouth hanging open. The fighter I am in love with is my presidents daughter, the next president of this club.

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