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Beautiful, rich and elegant Chloe Santos who worked as a simple teacher in her own town. After she had surpassed the intricate worst nightmare in her past, she had met a man who would help her to stand again and mend her fragmented heart. However, the quietude of her life was broken when she haplessly found herself in the middle of the two powerful, materialistic, ambitious and corrupt mortals that made her to unearth the man who murdered her parents. Would she forgive the man who slew her parents or take the pledge that emitted from her mouth that revenge was sweet?

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BOOK 1 - Journey





The names and events in this story are just products of the wide imagination of the author. Any institutions, events and places similar to the present situations are only coincidence. Moreover, the opinions, philosophies, and attitudes of the characters in the story do not reflect the personality, opinions, and philosophies of the author.


"We are living in a world full of lies and deceptions. All you have to do is find out the truth."


The Philippines which is in the tropic region of the globe has two observable seasons throughout a year. The wet season is for the rainy or stormy period and the dry season is for the warmest time of the year. But because of the intense and detrimental abnormalities in the global weather conditions sometimes the country experiences typhoons and heavy rains even during summer. The wet season is heightened by the monsoons. The location of the Philippines in the globe is opened to the South West Monsoon which starts sometimes as early as June and ends in the third quarter of the year. In these months, the winds blow drastically; thin and quite warm that even if it is windy it would make one’s body ooze with sweat.

Monsoons have so many disadvantages, because a lot of illegal activities are happening in the mountainous areas of the country; such as illegal logging, illegal mining and the like, the massive supply of rains can make the devastated soil to become soft that could cause erosions that could in turn, unfortunately, trigger a lot of casualties. The monsoons are also the reasons why there are certain places in the Philippines, which were dry before, but have now become submerged in water as a result the unending rains combined with the undisciplined behavior of the people. Fishermen look for other jobs because the oceans have turned hostile. The people living along coastal areas and small islands experience massive poverty for famines are prevalent.

But the monsoons have also some considerable advantages which offer great help and convenience to the people. Since the farmers who are dependent on this kind of season could start to nurse their plants. Mountainous places have an opportunity to grow some trees that make illegal loggers smile with hope. Dams throughout the country are filled up which very essential in utilizing the Hydro Power Plant to harness the energy and supply of electricity in the country. However, the sad reality is even if the country has vast sources of energy producing electricity, still, the people suffer the heavy yoke in their shoulders due to the excessive cost. One reason for this is the monopoly in business. The month of October is usually the transition period to welcome the North East Monsoon.

The surrounding is filled with deafening sound coming from the rain that pours down like the heavy logs as it makes contact with the roof. In the last week of October, the North East Monsoon is very promising. The wind gets cold that makes one feel relieved. The texture of the wind is heavy but friendly like a blanket that covers one’s entire body. Away from the neighbors, a house with a happy family and a simple life was observed by a man in black from quite a distance. He waited patiently for the right moment to come. The worst time that soon would create a havoc in one’s mind. The perfect moment had come; the man in black walked slowly and entered the house. After a few minutes, a gentle sound of a trigger was produced but not heard outside. The sound did not even go far inside the room because the heavy rain continuously created a crazy resonance. The silent sound expelled someone’s soul.

A lovely little girl was playing inside her room when she heard a loud crash from the living room. She did not mind, thinking it was just the thunder that crushed a huge stone somewhere down the face of the Earth. But her curiosity grew larger when the thuds and crashes grew louder. She no longer thought it was created by the thunder and the lightning anymore. Her heart beat faster when she called her parents and no one answered. She thought of different images of monsters she saw in the movies, but she disregarded the idea. ‘’Big girl is not afraid of anything else specially those monsters because they are simply an imagination.’’ The lively voice of her mother echoed in her mind. ‘’Yes, mama.’’ She answered her mother with her cutest smile then she kissed her mother’s right cheek. They both lay in the bed ready to sleep. ‘’Mama, I have a question?’’ She pulled her small body up from the sofa bed, then sat near the head of her mother and caressed a few locks of her mother’s shoulder – length hair which was as black as coal. Her mother lifted her head a little bit higher then angled it sideways in her line of sight to accommodate fully the face of her lovely daughter as her round eyes locked at her daughter’s curious face. ‘’I thought you are somnolent now. You still have classes tomorrow. Remember today is Thursday meaning tomorrow is Friday. It’s already nine o’clock in the evening. You need to wake up early tomorrow.’’ ‘’I know mama. But I have just one question in my mind. The last one, please.’’ They talked in Filipino language, but her daughter said the word ‘please’ in English that made her lips twist matched with her cutest smile. Her mother saw her pleading little face full of curiosity which are bothering her. She caressed her small and cute face. In the cold night, she felt the warm palms of her mother’s hands. The warm love that encased her heart. ‘’Okay. What is it my little angel?’’
‘’When can I have a baby brother mama?’’ Her mother smiled with amusement and hope. ‘’In the right time my dear. In God’s will.’’ ‘’Yeeheeyyy! How I wish it would be soon, Mama.’’ Her mother smiled and nodded at her. Satisfied, she lay on the bed with a great hope and smile in her face as her small arms embraced her mother. As the lovely little girl closed her charming eyes, her mother kissed her in the forehead, and then switched off the light for a deep sleep.

Inspired by her mother’s advice to become a brave girl magnified by the gaiety of her prospect desire, she went out of her room to see what those crashes and thuds are. She closed the door with her right hand while her left hand held an old doll. She smelled the diffused scent of fried chicken and ‘adobong sitaw’. All were her favorite foods. While she walked toward the kitchen, she closed her eyes and savored the scent that intensified her hunger. She smiled for she was excited about their viand tonight. In between the living room and the kitchen, a timid sound was produced which widened her eyes. Her mouth rounded due to shock as she surveyed a dreadful scene. Her smile faded instantly, and a horrible image assaulted. She saw the shadow of her father’s body as he fell in gradual motion and slammed on the hard floor. The ghastly sound of her father’s falling body resonated in her head and crushed her tiny heart. She ran toward her father as her eyes automatically produced a river of tears more than she can imagine. She screamed and cried out aloud. The thin voice full of pain echoed inside the small house. Until a man in black appeared in front of her in a ski mask. He was holding her old doll. She angled her face toward the big man and screamed at him as loud as she could with great hatred in her heart. After few seconds, the emotionless man in black turned around and started to walk away until he was swallowed by the darkness of the mournful night.
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